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Gambling More Acceptable than Smartphones in the US, per AGA Study

New data just released from the American Gaming Association (AGA) sheds a bright light on how gambling is viewed in the US. While there are those who will always be opposed to the activity, they continue to make up a small minority that is losing ground. According to the AGA’s information, gambling is viewed as an acceptable form of entertainment by an overwhelming number of people and gets better support than even smartphones do.

Gambling Acceptable by Most of US

In striking contrast to the belief held by some that gambling is not popular in the US, the AGA has proven otherwise. A poll published by the organization yesterday reveals that 87% of the country sees nothing wrong with gambling as a form of entertainment. Separate consumer surveys have shown that 85% of the US population has a smartphone, making gambling more popularly acceptable than the mobile devices. In addition, Gallup’s independent Values and Beliefs Social Series poll revealed earlier this year that 68% of the US believes that gambling is “morally acceptable.” It isn’t clear if Texas lawmakers have seen the results.

The AGA has, since its inception, reported on the good, the bad and the ugly of the gambling industry and isn’t on a mission to only campaign for positive growth of the ecosystem. Its president and CEO, Bill Miller, reiterated this point when releasing the results of the poll, asserting, “We are a committed, responsible partner and economic driver in communities across the country. Because of this, we’ve risen from the most devastating period in our history and embarked on a record-setting comeback.”

AGA Uncovered Additional Gambling Truisms

With an acceptance rate of 87%, gambling can inarguably be viewed as more popular than virtually every other form of entertainment. That should go a long way toward helping those stubborn states that have yet to embrace sports betting to finally concede defeat. However, if further incentives are needed, the AGA also revealed some other interesting facts that those working in the gaming space already accepted. If legislators want to respond to the wishes of their constituents, now would be a good time to take notes.

The poll revealed that 65% of those surveyed support legalized gambling for the benefits it can offer to the economy. Two years ago, when a similar poll was conducted, 53% believed that the industry provided high-quality jobs; now, that figure has increased to 64%. 77% realize that the gaming industry is experiencing steady growth that isn’t likely to stop, compared to 73% who felt that way in 2019. 73% would get behind legalized gambling in their own state, which mirrors similar surveys but doesn’t reflect a major increase from before. In addition, while some industries may be focused narrowly on a certain type of client, this isn’t true with gaming. The poll shows that 77% feel the industry caters to a wide consumer base and doesn’t target one socioeconomic sector as some have tried to suggest.


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