May 10, 2021 2 min read


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Gambling Industry AiGP Survey Aims to Measure Covid-19 DEI Impact

A new survey to measure the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) in the betting and gaming industry was launched by the All-in Diversity Project (AiDP).

Gambling Industry Workplace Attitude Impact

The industry-first survey available globally seeks to determine the impact on attitudes and approach to the workplace from employers and employees willing to share their thoughts and experiences anonymously.

Kelly Kehn, co-founder of the AiDP explained that by asking “the right questions” to both employers and employees, the organization is looking to identify both ends of the coronavirus impact on the industry and develop the appropriate strategy to deal with the negative consequences and amplify the positive effect from the supportive ones.

She further noted the survey is an important tool for the global betting and gaming industry allowing it to measure diversity, inclusion and workplace equality. Furthermore, AiGP will use the data collected via the survey to educate and inform business entities and organizations in the gaming sector globally about the impact on both employers and employees.

The survey launched in partnership with Facebook Gaming has the ultimate goal to determine the “long-lasting imprint” from the disease on the society and workplace, focusing on the ones working within the gambling sector which retail section was among the most affected by temporary closures and has just recently begun re-opening for business in the UK.

Measuring Global Workplace DEI

The AiGP, which was launched in 2017 with the aim to create tools for the global industry to address issues of diversity, inclusion and equality, operates based on data collection, measurement and benchmark progress measuring, and delivers results via its Annual Report.

“We believe that change is best led by industry itself and that if we can facilitate that change with solid experience, business practice and collaboration, we can progress a lot quicker than on our own.”


The AiGP also organizes initiatives such as the recently announced corporate sponsorship of a plethora of gaming companies including Penn National Gaming, Hero Gaming, Interactive Gaming Group, Playtech, Pronet Gaming, Insight Group and Facebook Gaming #OpenDoors2021 campaign.

The campaign sought to raise awareness of how an individual’s professional development can be impacted by others and help people recognize the need for additional support if they are to progress further in their careers.

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