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Gambling in Brazil to Create Jobs, Boost Tourism, Says Lawmaker

Countries around the world that have legalized gambling benefit from tax proceeds. Legalizing gambling helps open new workplaces but it also attracts tourists and reduces the share of black market operators. According to a lawmaker that supports the gambling expansion in Brazil, the country may benefit significantly by taking a step forward and legalizing the activity.

Gambling Legalization in Brazil to Bring Benefits

In a recent interview for Panel Eletrônico, on Rádio Câmara, Federal Deputy Herculano Passos spoke about the benefits that gambling expansion may bring to Brazil. According to him, the legalization of bingo, casino gambling, and betting will bring valuable tax revenue. Additionally, if legalized, those activities would help boost tourism significantly.

Crime exists everywhere, but it happens much more underground. With the legal game, everything is declared and Brazil is able to supervise all financial movement generated in a legal activity.

Federal Deputy Herculano Passos

Passos disputed the claims that gambling legalization would increase crimes related to tax evasion, money laundering, and corruption. He outlined that those activities are a part of the illegal gambling operations that are not controlled by the government. Additionally, he explained that if gambling is legalized and regulated by the government, the responsible bodies are going to be in charge of supervising all financial movements related to the activity.

Legalizing Gambling Would Boost Tourism, Create Jobs

Another important point raised by Passos is that legalized gambling would help boost tourism and create thousands of new jobs. Legalizing casino gambling, bingo and animal games would create approximately 650,000 new jobs, according to him. What is more, Passos said that the activities are expected to bring some R$ 20 billion ($3.9 billion) in taxes.

We understand that legalizing casinos will generate taxes and jobs.

Federal Deputy Herculano Passos

Additionally, Passos said that gambling activities would result in a significant increase in tourism. Pointing out Singapore as an example, he said that tourists in the country increased from 9 million to 21 million a year after the country introduced casino resorts. Making cross-reference to the population, Passos said that Singapore is only 5 million people and immediately saw an increase in tourism. Despite the 215 million inhabitants in Brazil, the country has only 6 million tourists annually.

With casinos in resorts, we will substantially increase this tourist flow.

Federal Deputy Herculano Passos

Last but not least, Passos outlined that the legalized gambling industry in Brazil will help boost player protection. He explained that some Brazilians that want to gamble go abroad, while others use illegal operators, which poses risk for them.


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