Gambling Group and McClatchy Sign Game-Changing Deal, the award-winning digital marketing company specializing in online gambling, has recently partnered with The McClatchy Company, one of the leading news media companies in the US. The latter runs operations in no less than 29 markets spread across 14 states all across the country.’s Tools to Reach McClatchy’s 65M Unique Visitors

The new agreement will unite Group’s powerful marketing tools with McClatchy’s impressive audience consisting of 65 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. The partnership is expected to be a real game-changer for both parties involved.

The McClatchy Company would be given unrestricted access to’s proprietary data, along with its top-tier content team specializing in sports betting. The company would also benefit from the unparalleled expertise that the Group has in terms of the monetization of traffic from online sports betting platforms.

McClatchy currently incorporates a number of important newspapers as well as associated online platforms in its portfolio, including the Observer, the Kansas City Star, the Miami Herald, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and the Sacramento Bee.

Its irrefutable reputation in the field of journalism in the US-backed by its top-tier content has turned it into the perfect candidate for the Group’s plans to expand. At the same time, McClatchy will have the opportunity to enhance its reach using the Group’s valuable content. In turn, this should engage more clicks and attract more interest.

Matching Strength With Strength Group’s chief executive officer Charles Gillespie stated that the Group publishes content on over 35 online portals. Relying on its natural growth mixed with a strategic plan to expand its business model, the Group plans to improve its reach by using its “winning formula and content” via partners that can add a new dimension to their offer. The Group’s collaboration with The McClatchy marks the Group’s first media partnership. The main purpose of this deal is for both organizations to be able to bring together their strengths, match and combine their areas of expertise and unique features and reap results.

The agreement has the potential of becoming a case study of what a partnership with a national media company could trigger. According to the Group’s Q3 2021 results, recorded a solid growth compared to the previous year’s results by establishing several affiliate brands in key markets.

Following their organic growth plans, will be taking the new media partnership seriously. Combined with The McClatchy Company’s plans to increase their media reach, the agreement is looking promising.

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