March 9, 2022 3 min read

Gambling Games, Money Seized during Raids in Lansing, Michigan

The gaming regulator in Michigan released details regarding two raids against alleged storefront casinos in Lansing. During the raids, more than $90,000 in cash was seized as well as a total of 82 gambling machines.

Michigan Law Enforcement Busts Two Alleged Storefront Casinos

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) released details Tuesday regarding two raids done in Lansing, Michigan recently. Under a search warrant, authorities entered premises located at Bourbon Street, Logan Square Shopping Center, 3222 South Martin Luther King Blvd on February 28.

Michigan Gaming Control Board assisted the Michigan Department of Attorney General and Lansing Police Department investigators with raids at two alleged storefront casinos in Lansing recently,

reads a statement released by the MGCB

Moreover, a second operation was executed under another search warrant on March 4. Back then, law enforcement entered a location identified as “777 Games of Skill” located at 5031 South Cedar Street in Lansing. According to the MGCB, overall, more than $90,000 in suspected gambling proceeds was seized during the two operations. Additionally, law enforcement seized a total of 82 gambling machines from the two locations.

Police Seizes Gambling Machines, Suspected Gambling Proceeds

The recent announcement reveals that 28 full-size slot machines, one virtual blackjack table and other similar casino-style games were seized from the location at Logan Square. Overall, police found 62 gambling machines and removed them from the location.

On the other hand, another 13 full-size slot machines along with seven other gambling games were seized during the raid at the South Cedar Street venue. The total amount of seized money in suspected gambling proceeds from the two locations was $91,532, said the MGCB.

To complete the operation, the MGCB assisted the Michigan Department of Attorney General as well as the Lansing Police Department. The regulator urged citizens to report illegal or suspicious gambling activities by contacting the MGCB’s anonymous hotline.

The Raids Are Result of Successful Collaboration between Agencies

Ellery Sosebee, Lansing’s police chief, said that law enforcement agencies collaborating helps fight crime. Moreover, he acknowledged that the recent successful investigation is the result of the combined efforts of the MGCB, Lansing Police and the Attorney General.

“I am thankful for the efforts of the Michigan Gaming Control Board, the Attorney General, and other state agencies in working with the Lansing Police Department to shut down these illegal operations and keep our residents safe.

Andy Schor, Mayor of Lansing

Lansing’s mayor, Andy Schor, added that illegal gambling operations bring crime into neighborhoods. He explained that the city is focusing on identifying and shutting down any illegal gambling establishment. In conclusion, he thanked the MGCB, the Lansing PD and the Attorney General for their efforts in shutting down the illegal gambling operations and ensuring the safety of residents.


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