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GambleAware Unveils New Ad Campaign in NSW

GambleAware, a charity that commissions research, prevention and treatment services for problem gamblers, has unveiled a new advertising campaign in New South Wales. The latter promotes harm reduction by highlighting the negative impact of unrestrained gambling.

Be Aware, Be GambleAware

According to research, every tenth gambler in New South Wales is at risk of gambling harm. As gambling becomes a more and more popular pastime, it is increasingly important to identify and prevent harm. Because of that, GambleAware will promote its education and treatment services for three months straight.

The charity’s Be Aware Be GambleAware campaign will run on metropolitan and regional TV channels and radio, prompting high-risk people to seek help. It will emphasize the dangers of problem gambling and the damage it can cause to people’s families and jobs.

Problem bettors and their loved ones can seek help on GambleAware’s website. Once there, players can find various solutions that can help them get their habits under control. Additionally, players can find advice on how they can exclude themselves from gambling as a whole.

The Campaign Will Show the Dangers of Gambling Harm

Natalie Wright, the director of the office of responsible gambling, spoke more about the Be Aware Be GambleAware campaign. She explained that the ads will feature everyday situations where a person’s relationships and jobs get complicated because of unhealthy gaming habits.

By showing people the dangers of betting irresponsibly, GambleAware hopes to urge problem bettors to seek help. In addition, the campaign will warn parents of video games with gambling-like elements. The ads will then encourage adults to keep kids away from such titles.

Wright shared that she wants people who have been affected by problem gambling to know that they are not alone. She also said that GambleAware offers a wide range of innovative support and treatment services that people can use to get in control.

Kevin Anderson, the Minister for hospitality and racing, promoted the campaign as well. He remarked that GambleAware is aware of the difficulties problem gamblers face in their personal lives. What’s especially dangerous, Anderson noted, is that harmful gambling habits can jeopardize a person’s job and distract them.

This campaign is designed to encourage people with, or at risk of gambling harm to seek help and check out the full range of information, support and treatment options available through GambleAware.

Kevin Anderson, Minister for hospitality and racing

Two weeks ago, GambleAware unveiled a new initiative called Lived Experience Council. It will be a form of support group where people who have struggled with gambling harm can share their experiences and support each other.


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