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GambleAware Starts Next Stage of Bet Regret amid Praises

GambleAware, a charity organization focused on raising awareness about problem gambling in the United Kingdom, announced the launch of the next stage of Bet Regret, a platform dedicated to introducing safer gambling practices nationwide.

The campaign will target individuals aged between 18 and 35 and coincides with the return of the soccer season in England during the weekend. More specifically, Bet Regrets wants to reach to core sports fans and gamblers.

Bet Regret will introduce two TV ads as well as a radio and digital campaign to remind sports fans of the downsides of overindulging in sports betting. The first ad is set to start ahead of the first game for the English Premier League played between the teams of Arsenal and Fulham.

GambleAware themed the first around wrestling where contestants “tap out” likening the action to opting for a cool-down period when one’s sports betting sessions have got too intense or impulsive bets are placed. Commenting on these developments, GambleAware Safer Gambling Board Chair, Sian Griffiths, had this to say:

“This new campaign is designed to help fans steer clear of Bet Regret and reduce potential gambling harms.”

GambleAware’s campaign is tailored to hard data. The organization worked with Ipsos, an analytics firm which analyzed the success of the campaign in the first year. According to the company’s research, the target demographic was susceptible to the messages of the first campaign, but more needs to be done, with specific advice on safe betting implemented in further efforts.

Ipsos considered gambling behavior after the return of sports, and specifically soccer. According to Ipsos, 27% of respondents said they were betting more now than compared with before the coronavirus pandemic. Some 62% people confirmed that they placed a bet on soccer in the past month.

A study by Football Supporters Association (FSA) has provided some helpful information. According to the FSA, 83% of fans were more likely to place bet on a team or game they were watching at home. Estimated 73% respondents confirmed that they found it much simpler to place a bet from home, thanks to the omnipresence of Internet wagering in the United Kingdom.

Positive Results Available, More Needs to Be Done

GambleAware has been successful in rolling out and introducing a campaign designed at moderating compulsive gambling behavior. Bet Regret has already received endorsement and praise from the government, and Griffiths had this to say:

 “The first year of the Bet Regret campaign had a positive impact on our target audience. We are looking to build on that success by influencing behavior change through encouraging sports bettors to ‘tap out’ of their gambling app and take a moment to reflect before placing a risky, impulsive bet.”

GambleAware has also successfully attracted known faces, including men’s weight loss charity Man v Fat and Supporters Direct Scotland, a group that endorses grassroots involvement in the sports clubs they support, and even gain ownership. The agreements with the FSA and Scottish Football Supporters Association were renewed, strengthening the portfolio of backers.

Officially, Bet Regret launched in February 2019 and was reintroduced in August, 2020 and backed by GVC Holdings, an established gambling firm both on the domestic market and abroad. 

GVC Holdings negotiated to back the campaign by donating its branding rights from partnerships with soccer clubs to Bet Regret. Gamble Aware introduced a new website to support the campaign in January, 2020.

Minister for Prevention, Public Health and Primary Care Jo Churchill praised Bet Regret for the campaign’s success and ensure support and protection against gambling related harm. Nigel Huddleston MP, Minister for Sport Tourism and Heritage said that safer gambling harm now plays a vital role in protecting consumers.

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