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GambleAware Pledges £2M Funding to Help Gambling Harm Recovery

The new funding will help up-and-coming and existing organizations that provide support to people affected by gambling harm or at-risk gambling

The charity with a goal to keep people safe from gambling and help with the treatment and support services for people affected by gambling harm, GambleAware, announced it dedicated £2 million ($2.4 million) funding from its Aftercare Funding Program (AFP) to aid organizations that provide treatment and support services for people affected by gambling harm. The new funding will help ten organizations continue to provide their invaluable assistance.

The announcement comes after the organizations have gone through what was described as a “rigorous selection process.” The process involved a panel of experts that included two members who had experienced gambling harm firsthand.

Ultimately, the organizations that were selected confirmed their readiness to help people affected by gambling harm. The support those organizations will deliver includes well-being and mental health help, as well as financial, employability and practical skills. Thanks to those skills, the people affected by gambling harm are expected to benefit from an increase in self-belief in their abilities and boost their self-confidence.

The £2 million ($2.4 million) funding is separated into two different levels depending on the organization that receives it. Newer, smaller or organizations that are looking to test an approach to help their communities would receive up to £150,000 ($180,000). On to other hand, organizations that are already established and provide treatment and support for people affected by gambling harm can benefit from up to £350,000 ($420,000) in funding.

The organizations were chosen following a rigorous selection process involving a panel of experts, including two members with lived experience. The chosen organizations demonstrated how they would work towards helping people have sustained recoveries from gambling harm,

explains a statement released by GambleAware

Funding Goes to Organizations with Innovative Approaches, Methods

GambleAware’s chief commissioning officer, Anna Hargrave, said that people being able to access support and treatment services to help stop or reduce their gambling is incredibly important. Still, she pointed out that sustainable long-term recovery is also important. “This is why our Aftercare Funding Program was set up to fund projects which support recovery for people to help them rebuild their lives,” added Hargrave.

These ten organizations were chosen to receive funding because of their innovative approaches, as well as their abilities to reach specific communities.

GambleAware’s chief commissioning officer, Anna Hargrave

As noted, ten organizations are going to benefit from GambleAware’s funding. On that topic, Hargrave said that the organizations were hand-picked thanks to their unique abilities to engage with customers and the modern approaches that they use. Finally, the chief commissioning officer said that GambleAware is looking forward to seeing the growth of the organizations.


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