July 1, 2022 3 min read


GambleAware Launches Its New Aftercare and Community Programmes

UK-based charity GambleAware launched two new programs aimed at helping victims of gambling addiction and providing support to vulnerable communities affected by the cost-of-living crisis.

GambleAware has a framework agreement with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and is responsible for the regulator’s National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms. The charity is funded primarily via voluntary donations from gambling operators and is now launching two new two funding programs which will provide £3 million in financing to potential partners.

The AFP Provides Long-Term Support for Problem Gamblers

GambleAware‘s Aftercare Funding Programme (AFP) has a budget of £2 million. The initiative focuses on providing long-term support to individuals recovering from gambling harm so they can more easily rebuild their lives. Chief Commissioning Officer at GambleAware, Anna Hargrave, noted that treatment and support for gambling harm are often effective, but not enough effort goes into sustaining the recovery process. According to her, the Aftercare program would address “the need for a long-term structured aftercare program” and help victims of gambling harm already on the way to recovery.

The charity seeks partners capable of providing support services to individuals recovering from gambling harm. Existing associates and new organizations alike can apply for the Aftercare Funding Programme. Smaller organizations or those without prior experience working with GambleAware can receive a budget of up to £150,000. Larger entities that have managed similar projects can receive funding of up to £350,000.

The CRF Will Address Gambling Harm in Disadvantaged Communities

GambleAware‘s second initiative is its £1 million Community Resilience Fund (CRF). The project seeks to address the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on Britain’s disadvantaged communities, who are more vulnerable to gambling harm. Partnering organizations will receive short-term funding to support struggling communities with gambling harms and associated inequalities. This initiative is open to organizations and charities not currently affiliated with GambleAware. Applicants can qualify for up to £100,000 over 12 months.

According to Hargrave, the Community Resilience Fund would help organizations “address specific needs within the community and the inequalities they experience.” GambleAware has admitted that the outcome of each specific project may differ depending on the applicants’ approaches. The company intends to closely monitor and communicate with all new partners to help achieve the best results and avoid any misuse of funds.

The two initiatives will also generate learning material to increase the effectiveness of future campaigns, allowing GambleAware to more effectively prevent gambling harms and give individuals better access to treatment and support. The results will contribute to the charity’s growing experience and hopefully result in more effective commissioning decisions and a better national policy.

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