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GambleAware Calls for More Impactful Warnings about Problem Gambling in Ads

GambleAware is one of the responsible gambling preparing for the incoming Euro 2024, which will be associated with high levels of gambling, and possibly gambling-related harm

To help prevent gambling harm during the busy month of soccer sports betting ahead, GambleAware, a UK charity, is calling for more impactful messaging used in gambling ads to set the dangers tied to the activity in relief and help galvanize action on the part of consumers.

Don’t “Think” – Gambling Comes at a Cost

Aware of such risks, consumers might choose not to take their gambling to extremes. However, the current messaging used by the industry in the United Kingdom, which tersely and somewhat abstractly states, “Take Time to Think” is simply inadequate.

Rather, GambleAware believes that the warning messages used in most gambling ads must be similar to the messaging for alcohol and drugs are. For example, “Gambling can be addictive” or “Gambling comes at a cost.”

According to a survey cited by GambleAware, more than half of the people who currently struggle with problem gambling are finding it more difficult to quit because of the ads. GambleAware chief communications officer Alexia Clifford has defended the charity’s stance on adopting messages that better reflect on the risks of gambling in public messaging.

“We know that gambling advertising can contribute to the normalization of gambling as just a bit of ‘harmless fun.’ We want to see stronger restrictions on gambling advertising to protect people from harm,” Clifford argued, insisting that gambling-related advertisement ought to properly address the outstanding problem of not enough being done to inform consumers and better yet – help them make the leap from seeing the gambling ad to restraining themselves.

Do You Bite the Hand That Feeds?

It’s important to get clear warnings and signposting so that consumers may be exposed to thought-provoking messages that make a difference. People must be clear on the risks of gambling, and this is not happening right now, GambleAware argues. In the meantime, GambleAware has been receiving support from the gambling industry, with contributions north of $50 million.

GambleAware has insisted that a mandatory levy ought to be introduced, seeking to obligate companies to donate, as currently, four companies contribute 95% of the funds donated to addressing problem gambling.

In the meantime, GambleAware has faced reputation-damning allegations of its own which the charity has vehemently denied. An investigation had begun against the charity, arguing that it is too closely connected to the gambling industry.


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