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GambetDC Recruits Local Businesses to Host Sportsbooks

Several mall businesses in Washington, DC, will now be able to boost their revenues thanks to the fact that they will be able to offer sportsbook services to their patrons and customers. Through a new partnership with GambetDC, certain District small businesses can offer in-person betting on sports.

GambetDC Sweetens the Pot

GambetDC is the District’s Sportsbook and is hoping it can help these businesses recover from the pandemic. The locations that are spearheading these developments will host massive events on July 30 from 7 PM to midnight and, during this period, they will present their new self-service betting kiosks. Some of the small businesses that are participating with their own in-person betting in the area are Dirty Water, Lou’s City Bar, Ben’s Next Door and Takoma Station Tavern.

Additionally, they will be able to present patrons with the future plans of the partnership with GambetDC. The best part about the events is that many local sportspersons will be present. Some of those that deserve a mention are Rick ‘Doc’ Walker, Fred Smoot, Brian Mitchell and Santana Moss. Numerous prizes will also be in store for those that are in attendance.

The Reaction from DC Small Businesses on the Partnership

The owner of Ben’s Next Door, Kamal Ali, saluted this partnership and, speaking on the business consequences from COVID-19, he stated that this pandemic was the biggest challenge that he has faced. Ali revealed that Ben’s Next Door lost 85% of its staff and, even though the re-establishment of the night shift has helped the business a bit, there is a lot of work that remains to be done. With the new partnership, more people will come in and have a lot of fun.

Mark Helliwell, Lou’s City Bar’s managing partner, stated that the goal of Lou’s City Bar is to be the District’s top-rated sports bar, which is why the addition of sports betting was a no-brainer. Additionally, he said that GambetDC is the perfect partner, as it is extremely invested in the success of Lou’s City Bar.

Chris DeFelice, the owner of Dirty Water, had a similar statement. He said that the goal of his establishment is to be the top location in the District and he feels that the new partnership with GambetDC will definitely put it at the very top.

Takoma Station Tavern’s owner, David Boyd, stated that the tavern is very excited that it will be able to provide visitors with a new form of entertainment.

Details on In-Person Sports Betting With GambetDC

GambetDC will help local businesses boost their revenue by offering in-person sports betting to their patrons. The commissions will be 5% on sports betting sales and 1% on the payout of sports betting products. GambetDC is operated by the DC Lottery, a company that has been implementing various audits on the DC lottery market.  

All revenues that are made through GambetDC go via the General Fund back to the district. DC Lottery’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Nicole Jordan, stated that the operator is more than happy to help local businesses bounce back from the pandemic. The partnership between GambetDC and local businesses will prove to everyone that sports betting in DC is an acceptable form of entertainment.

Thanks to GambetDC, residents in DC will be provided with a new and unique sports betting and live betting experience. By using the official GambetDC app, or by visiting the in-person kiosks, bettors can wager responsibly. The market coverage is great as bettors can wager on almost any team or game from every corner of the planet.

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