June 9, 2023 2 min read


Galaxsys Unveils Details Regarding New Player Engagement Features

Lighting Bonus and Leaderboard are new features introduced by the company that seek to provide a boost for in-game session length and player engagement

The provider of a wide range of skill and fast games for the online gambling vertical, Galaxsys, announced the launch of new features, catering to its growing portfolio of partners. On Friday, the company revealed that it introduced Lighting Bonus and Leaderboard features. With the launch of the new features, Galaxsys confirmed it anticipates seeing an increase in the length of in-game sessions. Additionally, it said that the new features are likely to provide a boost in terms of player engagement.

Galaxsys’ new Lighting bonus feature brings a unique cashback functionality for the company’s partners. Its release comes as no surprise, considering the growing popularity of similar features and their positive impact on player engagement, providing a boost within play sessions and delivering thrilling experiences for the players.

The Company Continues to Deliver Engaging Features for Its Partners

Gil Soffer, Galaxsys’ senior vice president of sales and business development, praised the new solutions and shared his excitement about the extended features the company brings for its partners. He outlined that the delivery of such functionalities enables the company to stand out within the highly competitive iGaming market.

We are fully committed to delivering the best features possible for a standout in today’s fast-paced iGaming market. Our focus is driven by how we can enhance player engagement and in-game sessions, which lead to increased revenue opportunities for our partner operators and improve the player experience.

Gil Soffer, SVP of sales and business development at Galaxsys

Additionally, Soffer spoke about Galaxsys’ focus on improving in-game customer experiences. This, he explained, results in an increase in revenue for the operators. Focusing on the leaderboard feature, Soffer noted: “In the launch of our leaderboard, the principal aim is in-game, real-time notifications between the brand and the player to facilitate a higher player experience based on our portfolio of 20+ games.” On the other hand, Soffer praised the popularity of cashback features such as the new Lighting Bonus.

Lastly, Soffer unveiled that the company plans to expand the Lighting Bonus feature to its portfolio of offering. He described that by the end of this year, the engaging feature will be a part of 30 games, including tower, turbo, mines, crash and Plinko titles, among others.


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