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Future Anthem: Data Usage Is the Focus for Next Months

Data science company with a strong focus on the gaming industry Future Anthem has revealed the results of its latest State of Online Gambling survey. According to the data, 74% of all gaming companies in the industry regarded their data as the main point of focus, while 87% of respondents claimed their data was fully structured. Compared to last year’s study results which indicated that only 76% of companies considered their data to be structured, the growth is significant. Will it suffice to generate even more growth? What else did the State of Online gambling survey reveal? Let’s find out. 

Factors That Helped Generate Positive Results in 2021

Future Anthem once again wanted to know what exactly helped trigger last year’s positive business outcomes in the industry. Their findings showed that the positive results were mostly generated by a mix of three factors: improved data usage (53%), the release of new gaming products (57%) and responsible gambling (14%). At the same time, when asked how effective their organizations were at making full use of their data’s potential, 66% of the interviewed gaming companies responded “somewhat effective.” At the same time, close to 75% of all respondents believed they should focus more on data in the following months. 

Measuring Data-Based Decisions 

Companies part of the gaming industry also need to be able to effectively commensurate the effects of their decisions based on data. According to Future Anthem’s survey, 57% of companies believed their data-driven decisions were “somewhat measurable,” while 26% considered them “very measurable.” 

As for the number of organizations that choose to share their data with a minimum of five providers and business partners, the survey revealed that almost 50% more companies as compared to 2021’s numbers were willing to share. Nonetheless, the same survey showed that 41% of respondents failed to share any data with providers and partners, further proving the need for change in this direction. 

When companies do an excellent job at using their data to generate enhanced experiences for clients, their results are undeniably better. Software developers and gaming operators rely on data to constantly grow their business, enter new markets, rise above their competitors, penetrate new fields, and release fresh products compatible with a larger number of devices. The results of Future Anthems survey are somewhat reassuring, in the sense that they prove the industry’s growing understanding in relation to data usage. However, there are still a few more steps to go before all companies can fully grasp the huge potential of data and use it to their best advantage.

Future Anthem’s chief executive officer Leigh Nissim expects the growing data usage trends to keep hitting the gas pedal as the industry learns to gradually reap all the benefits. He added that the online gambling industry is currently facing huge competitors such as Amazon and Netflix, making data-driven decisions a must for winning the battle. Last March, Future Anthem became Betfred’s Artificial Intelligence & Game Data Science partner.

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