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Fubo Gaming Joins AGA’s Efforts to Promote Responsible Gambling in September

Fubo Gaming, a subsidiary of TV streaming platform FuboTV Inc., has become the latest iGaming and sports betting operator to back the American Gaming Association’s Responsible Gaming Education Month this September. The goal of the campaign is to educate consumers on the dangers of sports gambling, with a strong focus on teaching new and experienced bettors how to participate in the hobby responsibly and raise awareness about such underlying issues as problem gambling.

More Companies Committed to Raising Awareness for RGEM

The campaign also focuses on improving gambling literacy and debunking myths along with providing extensive training to employees who are often the first to spot issues with customers and act on them.

As part of this campaign, Fubo Gaming is going to incorporate American Gaming Association’s responsible gambling messaging and program, namely “Have a Game Play.  Bet Responsibly,” along with pertinent materials.

The messaging will be visible across Fubo Gaming’s social media channels, and it will focus on driving the message home to sports fans and active sports bettors. The company is also going to work on its in-house team to help educate them about problem gambling and equip them with the knowledge and tools to assist customers and promote responsible gambling for everyone.

Fubo Gaming president Scott Butera welcomed the opportunity to be joining Responsible Gaming Education Month and amplify the message about the importance of responsible gambling. Butera added:

We firmly believe social responsibility contributes to the best player experience. As professionals in the emerging sports wagering industry, it’s our responsibility to take a proactive approach toward responsible gaming initiatives, not only in September but throughout the year, to ensure long-term sustainability.

Fubo Gaming president Scott Butera

Fubo Gaming Gets Frequent Responsible Gambling Training

Fubo is already engaged with responsible gambling on multiple fronts, including by offering frequent training to employees. This is provided year-long and targets different levels at the company. Refresher courses are also frequent at Fubo which is committed to upholding the highest industry standards.

Fubo employees get to familiarize themselves with self-exclusion and limits, training, and user education programs. Previously, Responsible Gambling Education Month was known as Responsible Gambling Education Week and was established back in 1998.

The recent push towards the legalization of sports gambling and iGaming has prompted AGA to step up its efforts and bring more companies in trying to educate and explain the significance of responsible gambling and why promoting these messages is important in the first place.


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