February 15, 2022 3 min read

Free Bets and Bonus Offers Encourage More Gambling, UKGC Survey Says

A recent survey commissioned by the UKGC found out that 61% of gamblers are not influenced by bonuses such as free bets or free spins. However, 31% stated that receiving these types of promotions has “encouraged” them to gamble more than their originally intended.

The Survey Was Sourced via Yonder Consulting

Yonder Consulting, which collects data from 8,000 Brits annually, sourced the online survey conducted in June last year. It focused on the impact that bonus offers, especially free bets, had on gamblers, or in other words, whether they gave them an extra reason to participate in gambling activities.

Younger people were highly affected as the survey found out that 39% of the 18–24-year-olds that were surveyed stated that they were incented to gamble more when offered free bets. The number increases to 46% for players in the 25–34-year category.

Two-thirds of the surveyed people, or 65%, stated that they had received some incentive in the last 12 months. These gambling incentives were received mainly by email (47%), followed by text messages (17%). Finally, 16% of the surveyed people received incentives via gambling apps.

Out of the 65% that stated that they’ve received some type of incentive in the past 12 months, 58% stated that they received free bets. Sign-up offers were provided to 54% of the respondents, whereas 41% were given a reminder to gamble with a bonus.

As for the most common gambling activity through which they received incentives, 73% of the surveyed people stated that they received a sports betting incentive, followed by online slots at 39% and online bingo at 37%.

The UKGC Is Keen on Making the Gambling Industry Safe

The UKGC has been pretty adamant about protecting players in the recent period. It is pretty strict towards operators, which is why it was criticized for being too harsh. However, the commission does not seem to be too bothered as it makes sure to fine operators that cross the line.

Back in January, it issued a $5 million fine to Genesis Global after finishing a two-year investigation. A few days before issuing the massive fine on Genesis, it also fined Rank Digital Gaming and Annexio over social responsibility breaches. These two operators will have to pay a collective fine of $1.8 million, which is nowhere near as big as the one that Genesis needs to pay, but it serves as a warning to all other operators in the country that the commission will not tolerate any breaches.

The commission is also very active in the process of reviewing the 2005 Gambling Act. The review was postponed once again and it is likely to be conducted in May this year.

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