Fred Done Appoints Joanne Whittaker as Betfred CEO

Fred Done, founder and CEO of Betfred, has stepped down from his position and has appointed Joanne Whittaker as the new CEO. Joanne left the company in 2005 and started her own successful business with financial backup from Done. Now she returns to Betfred as the new chief executive.

Joanne Whittaker Replaces Fred Done as Betfred Chief

Betfred founder and CEO Fred Done is stepping down and passing the reins over to Joanne Whittaker who will now serve as the company’s new chief executive. Whitter, a familiar face in Betfred’s corporate life, will be steering the gambling firm as the company pursues further growth opportunities. Meanwhile, Done will be taking up a position as chairman.

Fred and his brother Peter Done are UK billionaires who have built the Betfred betting empire together. Both brothers have an estimated net worth of £1.25 billion. In 1976, the Dones opened their first betting shop, and now their network has more than 1600 shops in the UK.

The brothers also operate a highly-profitable company called Peninsula Business Services, which owns and operates more than ten companies with different functions such as workplace health and human resources.  

Whittaker is the former head of Betfred’s IT division. She stepped down in 2005 and opened her own business. Reaching out to Fred Done, Joanne started Fideliti. Fideliti is a childcare voucher provider, the company has an estimated turnover of £80 million, and it has been a success.

Joanne Whittaker is a dedicated professional. She received a £100,000 investment from Fred Done to start her business in exchange for a 25% stake in the company.

Fideliti grew exponentially over the years, having as many as 30,000 parents and 2,000 contact companies. Whittaker stated that Fred Done just “liked backing a successful project like mine.”

Fred Done’s eye for good opportunities and business growth has earned Betfred a partnership with the Rugby Football League (RFL). 

The company has secured various title sponsorships for the 2021 Challenge Cup, the Women’s Challenge Cup, and Wheelchair Rugby League Challenge Cup. Done has been happy with the existing partnership between the RFL and his company, too.

I am delighted to be able to announce further support for the sport of Rugby League in what are incredibly difficult times,” Done said.

RFL chief executive, Ralph Rimmer, said that he’s excited to partner with a company that has previously shown a commitment to the Women’s Rugby League and became the first title partner for the Wheelchair Challenge Cup.

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