FOX Bet Taps in Politics and Super 6 Free Games to Improve Betting Engagement

Free political and NFL contests have boosted engagement with FOX Bet’s betting platform through the Super 6 free games solution.

FOX Bet Banks on Politics and Free Games with Super 6

FOX Bet has concluded 2020 as a success, launching a prominent politics betting market which has been able to boost revenue, engagement and awareness for the dedicated betting platform. Launching as a joint-venture between FOX and The Stars Group and later acquired by Flutter Entertainment, the betting platform has been a success in sports and beyond.

Apart from real money markets, the company focused on a free-to-play prediction app, or simply Super 6, which elicited strong response by betting crowds, regardless of their political hue.

The presidential debates last year attracted at least a million entries across the two debate nights and the game enjoyed record-breaking downloads following the second night of debates.

Election night saw the platform register one million entries and FOX Bet has been able to build upon this success by shifting interest to the NFL Sunday Challenges.

FOX has bet on Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long to whip up interest and the NFL initiatives has seen 1.2 million entries thereafter. Yet, FOX is hardly done with asking political questions in a bid to engage with the U.S. public.

In the latest app challenge, bettors are asked to take a shot at Georgia Senate races. FOX is also planning to launch more markets for other upcoming milestones, such as President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration and his address at the joint session in Congress later in February.

Market Maturity Not a Worry

FOX Bet CEO Kip Levin was excited at the opportunity to introduce these markets to betting crowds and he acknowledged that the company never expected so much engagement in the first place. “People want to have some skin in the game,” Levin said, and seeing interest in political activities was an opportunity to build more engagement, he added.

Super 6 isn’t trying to elicit real money bettors, but rather to engage with betting crowds or convert non-betting individuals. FOX is in talks with various sponsors for in-app activations, looking to increase the value of its app, but without damaging the user experience, which is normally disrupted by the over-use of advertisement.

Super 6 is tipped to precede launches in sports betting states, or soon-to-become sports betting states. Presently, FOX Bet is operational in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, with Michigan expecting to launch online sports betting this January.

Levin and FOX are confident that introducing free games is a sure-fire way to engage and attract new customers. Even if a market reaches maturity, free games will always play a part in it, said Levin. FOX needs to do a “better job” of whipping up interest in free games and content, the executive said.

“We are just getting started,” he concluded.  

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