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Four Winds New Buffalo Casino Sees Another Player Bag $1M

The Four Winds New Buffalo Casino has been a lot in the news of late, after jackpots have been dropping like crazy at the property

First at the end of April, when a player walked away with $536,614.25 to their name from a progressive jackpot game, and now with the mid-May win of a player who took home $1,008,222, Four Winds New Buffalo Casino in Michigan has been in the news a lot, not to mention some of the exciting jackpot wins that dropped over the weekend.

Turning a Regular Wager into a Big Payday  

The lucky devil who won managed this feat by placing a $15 bet on the UFL Explosion slot machine, which resulted in a jaw-dropping payout. The casino in Hartford, New Buffalo, Dowagiac, and South Bend, has seen a significant uptick in winners since March in terms of jackpots.

Both people winning the aforementioned jackpots chose to remain anonymous and enjoyed their new-found riches privately, although they agreed to have their stories shared with the wider public, part of the casino’s marketing efforts. The casino’s chief operating officer, Mary Smith, was similarly pleased with these developments and celebrated the casino’s ability to cater to a diverse player base and offer everyone something that fits their taste.

“We’ve got a wide variety of exciting games and wager options to provide enjoyment for every guest’s preference and style. Winning life-changing jackpots is always a possibility,“ Smith explained. Although the big jackpot has dropped, this is an opportunity for players to participate in building it up or winning it early.

Jackpot wins have been rather frequent across casino floors in the United States. Last week, we ran a roundup of all the jackpots that have been won in recent weeks, with many of the sums exceeding the seven-figure threshold. The Four Winds New Buffalo Casino does not expect you to always bet big to win.

From Pennis to Riches

Quite the opposite. A player who was attending the casino’s floor in mid-May and playing at a Shamrock Fortune slot machine managed to walk away with a $80,874.92 jackpot off an 80-cent bet, one of the biggest margins won on the casino’s floor.

Michigan has been an interesting place for jackpot winners. Earlier this month, a state resident won the Lotto 47 jackpot worth $7.19 million, the state’s largest to have been secured from the lottery. Another lucky devil had a near-miss with the big Mega Millions payday, but still managed to win $1 million instead.

Not only that but over the weekend, another lucky soul won $1,166,351 from the Coin Trio Fortune Trails slot machine. The casino paid a total of more than $1.5 million in jackpot prizes over the weekend, according to the casino’s official X account.


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