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Four Collegiate Organizations Have Formed the NACE Starleague

North America’s four leading organizations for collegiate esports have decided to work together for something bigger. By their conjoined efforts, they have formed what will be now known as the NACE Starleague – an unrivaled power when it comes to collegiate leagues. 

The NACE StarLeague Celebrates the Coming Together of Four Powerhouses

NACE StarLeague is comprised of the Collegiate StarLeague EsportsMainlinethe National Association of Collegiate Esports, and Nerd Street Games. It will work towards reinforcing the already established collegiate esports ecosystem and provide its players with even more opportunities for professional esports careers. 

According to NACE’s official announcement, the league will celebrate the coming together of 14,500 students from 600 learning establishments from all over North America. Schools that have become part of this all-encompassing partnership will get the best of it as they will be able to host invitational tournaments, have more broadcasting options, and further develop their own esports arenas. Additionally, all students will be able to participate in the upcoming events. 

The NACE Starleague will be additionally supported by Mainline and Nerd Street Gamers. The former will provide its own tournament platform for app participants in the partnerships. Mainline has a well-established platform that will be able to run any future events.

Nerd Street Gamers will focus on organizational activities. They take the roles of broadcasters and event operators and will also issue tickets and will support the creation and improvement of gamer facilities in the campuses. 

Establishing a Strong Collegiate Ecosystem

The newly-founded conjoined league will go full steam ahead in the autumn, with several big events beginning in August. NACE’s executive director Michael Brooks shared that the NACE StarLeague will be an unparalleled force in collegiate esports.

Brooks is delighted to become a part of such a strong alliance that will benefit the whole learning ecosystem. According to the executive director, NACE Starleague will provide students with the chance to shine, participate in the industry, have an impact, and prepare for a career in esports. Brooks added that the league would provide the same opportunities to all its participants, regardless if they are club teams or varsity teams. 

The creation of the NACE Starleague marks an important step for American collegiate esports. The coming together of four big names in the ecosystem will serve to create a strong and reliable all-inclusive organization that will help to educate the next generation of professional competitive esports athletes. 

Partnerships in esports are crucial as they help to reinforce the ecosystem and help it become more interconnected. 


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