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Former PA Casino Security Guard Lands in Jail Over False Bomb Threat

After he allegedly made a false bomb threat to Pennsylvania’s Presque Isle Downs & Casino, a former security guard is headed to prison for one to six months. Norman Antuzzi, 48, of Erie, PA, pleaded guilty to terrorist threat charges in June, according to the Erie Times-News. The sentence was issued by Daniel Brabender, an Erie County judge.

Bomb Threat Joke/No Joke

The casino was evacuated following what Antuzzi would ultimately say was a joke. Specially-trained bomb-sniffing dogs searched the property for explosives. The casino was reopened after no explosives were found. However, the temporary closure resulted in more than $100,000 in lost revenue for the casino.

Antuzzi started exchanging texts with a casino bartender. He asked her to call in a bomb threat and she complained about not being at work. She agreed. According to the Times-News, the bartender believed he was being silly. She was arrested later for conspiring to make terrorist threats. In a plea agreement, her disorderly conduct charge was reduced, and she paid a penalty.

Tyler Lindquist, Antuzzi’s attorney, stated to the Times-News that there was no ill intent or ill will. Lindquist also stated that the sentence imposed by the judge was fair.

The Times-News reported that Antuzzi was also incarcerated after his arrest. He could have been eligible for parole if he spent time in prison; however, the new incident might be deemed a violation of the conditions of his probation. If that happens, his sentence could be extended. The would-be jokester was on probation for a 2017 criminal offense when the threat occurred. His probation was revoked by the court officials.

According to the news report, Antuzzi was previously charged in connection with a motor vehicle accident in Millcreek Township, PA, after he allegedly drove over the feet of an 83-year-old motorist. Antuzzi pleaded guilty in 2018 to two misdemeanors relating to the accidents. He was sent to an alternative treatment court and given five years and six months probation.

The news report states that Antuzzi also pleaded guilty to a DUI charge in Edinboro, PA.

From Border Patrol to Casino Security

Antuzzi, a former agent of the US Border Patrol and a Navy veteran, was suspended from the Border Patrol. According to the Times-News, he was fired from the Border Patrol following those earlier charges.


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