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Former MLB Player Sentenced to Nine Years for Child Sex Crimes

The victim's father described how Mohr employed manipulation tactics, such as disabling parental controls on the victim's phone

Dustan Mohr, a former Major League Baseball player, has been sentenced to nine years in an Indiana prison after pleading guilty to three sex crimes involving a 13-year-old girl. The sentencing, delivered by Judge Fran Gull in Allen Superior Court, marks a tragic turn for the once-celebrated athlete.

Victim’s Family Reveals Mohr’s Manipulation Tactics in Court

Mohr, 47, appeared tearful as he stood before the court, expressing remorse for his actions. He addressed the court and the victim, now 15, whom he had coached in softball during the time of the offenses. His attorney, Greg Miller, highlighted Mohr’s struggles to comprehend his motivations, emphasizing his commitment to counseling and treatment since his arrest, reported Fort Wayne TV station WANE.

The charges against Mohr included child solicitation for sexual intercourse, child seduction, and sexual misconduct with a minor. Judge Gull ordered Mohr to serve three years in prison for each count consecutively, followed by time on adult probation. The severity of the sentence reflects the gravity of Mohr’s offenses and the lasting impact on the victim and her family.

The victim’s father, whose identity remains undisclosed, recounted Mohr’s manipulation tactics, including blocking parental controls on the victim’s phone. He described Mohr’s efforts to isolate and deceive his daughter, ultimately leading to her rescue just before her 14th birthday. The family’s plea for the maximum 18-year sentence underscored the depth of their anguish and the need for justice.

Community Stunned as Former MLB Player’s Child Abuse Case Revealed

Deputy Prosecutor Tracy Heltz-Noetzel and Detective Corporal Nicholas Kiefer provided insight into the case, noting Mohr’s guilty plea and the upcoming trial for similar charges in DeKalb County. Mohr’s arrest in August 2023 revealed a pattern of abuse that had transpired over several months, exploiting his position as a softball coach at Strike Zone Training Center.

Mohr’s fall from grace is starkly contrasted with his achievements on the baseball field. A standout player at Oak Grove High School and the University of Alabama, he enjoyed a seven-year MLB career with teams including the Minnesota Twins, San Francisco Giants, and Colorado Rockies. However, his legacy is now tarnished by these despicable acts.

As Mohr begins his prison sentence, the community grapples with the betrayal of trust and the devastation wrought upon a vulnerable young victim. The case serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of safeguarding children and holding perpetrators of abuse accountable for their actions.


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