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Former Gun Lake Casino Employee Faces Federal Theft Charges

The defendant's admission came as part of a written plea agreement accepted by US Magistrate Judge Ray Kent in Grand Rapids on September 8

Jordan Lewis Cook, a former Gun Lake Casino employee responsible for maintaining and unclogging the casino’s cash-out machines, has confessed to stealing over $84,500 in cash over a span of 14 months. 

The Casino Worker to Return $84,564 Stolen from Indian Tribal Organization

The federal charge against Cook is for theft from an Indian Tribal Organization, which carries a potential punishment of up to five years in prison and a hefty fine of $250,000. Cook is scheduled to be sentenced in January.

The series of thefts occurred between September 2021 and November 2022 at the popular Allegan County casino operated by the Gun Lake Tribe. Cook’s responsibilities included helping clear jams in the cash-out machines located in and around the casino floor. To perform this task, he used a key card to open the machines, removed the cassettes holding currency in various denominations, and addressed any misfed or crinkled bills. Shockingly, he would also pilfer cash from the machines during this process, as revealed in the ‘factual basis of guilt’ contained in the plea agreement.

Cook admitted to stealing various denominations of cash on at least 32 separate occasions, resulting in a staggering total of $84,564, which he then converted for personal use.

The federal theft charge against Cook was initially indicted in March. Following his arraignment in May and his release on $10,000 bail, Cook and his legal team opted for a plea agreement, ultimately admitting his guilt in late August. The plea deal stipulates that Cook must make full restitution of the stolen money to Gun Lake Casino. 

Another Michigan Casino Worker Faces Million-Dollar Bail in $700,000 Embezzlement Case

Another similar case in the state saw Danika Young, a 38-year-old cash cage supervisor at the Four Winds Hartford Casino in Michigan, accused of embezzling $700,000. She was arrested and her bail was set at $1 million.

Young claimed she received a call instructing her to take the money to Indiana, but the funds remain unrecovered. She faced charges related to embezzlement and could potentially serve up to 20 years in prison if sentenced. Judge Arthur Clarke expressed concern about the missing money and set a high bail to prevent Young from disappearing.

At the same time in neighboring Minnesota, Blake Carl Fitzgerald faced potential prison time for operating an illegal gambling scheme on TikTok and Discord. Over three months, he allegedly received $65,103 from customers through CashApp and Venmo, then live-streamed himself playing slot games at casinos, with subscribers choosing the machines.

Fitzgerald kept more than half of the winnings and charged subscribers $5.99, communicating with them on Discord. He now faces three counts of running an illegal gambling operation, which could result in up to three years in prison and significant fines.


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