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Former Fiancé of S. Korean Fencer Sentenced to Prison for Fraud

Jeon Cheong-jo, the former fiancé of Olympian Nam Hyun-hee was sentenced to 12 years in prison over defrauding 27 victims out of $2.2 million

In October, Olympian Nam Hyun-hee posed with her future husband Jeon Cheong-jo for a popular magazine in South Korea. The famous Olympian fencer’s fiancé presented himself at the time as an heir to a wealthy family. This public appearance ultimately led to the downfall of Jeon, who not only appeared to be a female rather than a male but it was uncovered that she was involved in a number of scams.

Shortly after, the engagement between Jeon and Nam was broken off. The public appearance raised quite a few eyebrows of Jeon’s victims, whom she allegedly stole millions from. In November, she was arrested amid an investigation into fraud and false representation.

The photo shoot from the magazine also uncovered that Jeon was involved in different criminal activities primarily related to scams even before her romance with Nam. This led to police authorities confirming her criminal background and biological sex, revealing that although she identified as a man, Jeon hasn’t undergone the official procedure required for sex change in South Korea.

Fraudulent Activity Results in Prison Sentence

After the arrest, Jeon was recently sentenced to prison over fraud. Local media outlets confirmed that the Seoul Eastern District Court sentenced Jeon to 12 years in prison after she was found guilty of defrauding 27 people out of 3 billion won ($2.2 million).

Presenting herself as the heir of the owners of the Paradise Group, a leading hotel and casino company in South Korea, she misled investors. The prosecution found out that Jeon misled investors by offering lucrative opportunities that are only available to the country’s wealthiest families.

As a result, she defrauded nearly 30 victims out of a staggering 3 billion won. During the investigation, it was uncovered that Jeon presented herself both as a male and female in an effort to pursue her victims.

According to prosecutors, Jeon used the fraudulently obtained funds for a lavish lifestyle. However, she claimed that some of the money was spent on gifts that were given to Nam.

Considering those claims, an investigation into the 42-year-old Olympian fencer is also ongoing. It is yet to be confirmed whether or not Nam was aware of Jeon’s fraudulent activities and if she was involved in any way.


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