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Former Casino Worker Not Found Guilty in Colorado’s Largest Casino Scam

In March 2023, while employed as a casino cage cashier, Sabrina Eddy was captured on camera removing stacks of cash totaling $500,000 from the casino vault

Prosecutors dropped all charges against Sabrina Eddy, a former Monarch Casino Resort and Spa employee at Black Hawk, in connection with Colorado’s $500,000 theft scandal. This decision follows the First Judicial District Attorney Office’s investigation into an extensive scam that targeted Eddy without her knowledge.

Sabrina Eddy Acted in Good Faith

Eddy worked as a casino cage cashier when she was caught on camera taking stacks of cash worth $500,000 from the casino vault in March 2023. But more facts about what happened that night presented another side to this story, reported The Denver Post.

According to reports, Eddy got a call plus texts from supposed high-ranking casino officials instructing her to move the money to an individual posing as a lawyer waiting at some nearby hospital so as not to breach a contract. In trust for the authority figures, she complied with these instructions without knowing they were part of an elaborate plot by international scammers.

Their intricate plan involved getting employees within casinos to transfer funds to individuals posing as representatives authorized by the establishments. Eddy, believing she was acting in the casino’s best interest, handed over the cash to a stranger who claimed to be the attorney in question.

Eddy’s Swift Action Helps Nab Casino Criminal

At some point, Eddy became suspicious and she immediately notified security personnel working there. Because of her quick action another criminal involved in the scheme named Juan Ivan Gutierrez Zambrano was apprehended later pleading guilty.

A warrant for the arrest of a third suspect, who is presumed to be outside the United States, has been issued, but it has been kept confidential. Authorities have chosen not to disclose whether any of the stolen funds have been retrieved.

Though it seemed like an open-and-shut case against Eddy, further investigation revealed evidence that proved her innocence. The prosecutors found out that she acted in good faith without gaining anything from the theft. Therefore, they regarded it as unethical to charge her.

The dismissal of charges marks the end of a tumultuous chapter for Eddy, who endured months of legal uncertainty following her arrest. The revelation of her innocence underscores the vulnerability of casino employees to sophisticated scams and highlights the need for heightened vigilance within the industry.

Monarch Casino Resort and Spa which is located in Black Hawk and is owned by Nevada-based Monarch Casino and Resort Inc., declined to give any comment about the court’s decision. 


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