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Fontainebleau Employees Enjoy New Spectacular Benefits

Fontainebleau Las Vegas has announced fresh incentives for its employees, including access to wellness, child care, gym, and fertility programs

After unveiling its plans for the highly anticipated Oasis Pool Deck earlier in the week, the 67-story, vertically integrated luxury resort with deep roots in the seven-decade-year history of the Fontainebleau brand, Fontainebleau Las Vegas, has exciting news for its employees. 

Top Incentives Including Novel Benefits for Members

Namely, all current and future “members,” as referred to by the company, of the resort that took two decades to build will receive several excellent benefits aimed at their well-being as well as in support of their families. 

The list includes access to programs aimed at child care, wellness, fertility, and gym memberships.

The company is currently establishing the terms of an exclusive agreement with Tootris, a childcare platform, for several options such as offering full- and part-time services during work hours that are not standard. 

Also, around 6,500 Fontainebleau members would receive up to $2,700 each year in the form of financial assistance for their childcare expenses.

Old and new employees will also get access to Carrot Fertility, which is a specialized family and fertility planning platform connecting users with pregnancy, adoption, in vitro fertilization, or menopause experts. 

As explained by the hospitality professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Amanda Belarmino, the fertility treatment incentive is a brand new benefit that has not yet been offered by any competitors on The Strip. 

While some other casinos and resorts in Vegas may display similar benefits in regards to on-site child care, which is the case for The Venetian, the inclusion of fertility treatments represents an element of novelty.

The resort has also added discounted rates to fitness classes via Gympass and other similar programs using LifeBalance to the list of benefits.

Investing in Members’ Health and Wellness, “Paramount” to Fontainebleau

As explained by the resort’s senior vice president of people, Kim Virtuoso, Fontainebleau members represent their “most valuable asset” which is why investing in their wellbeing and health is crucial to the company. 

Virtuoso added that by nurturing a happy and healthy workforce,” they can generate experiences expected to “enliven and enrich” their guests.

He added that, no matter if they are referring to child care support, physical fitness programs, family building resources, techniques used for stress management, mental health resources, or healthy eating guidance, the new incentives are customized to meet the diverse requirements of their workforce. 

By making sure its employees can “maximize their talents and cultivate a vibrant and productive workplace,” the resort, which has witnessed a series of high-profile exits shortly after its grand opening, hopes to offer enhanced experiences to patrons. 

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