Florida: Sheriff Asks to Receive $1.2M Seized in Illegal Gambling Investigation

Forfeiture of assets by law enforcement isn’t something new in the US. In fact, each state has established its own rules on how such funds to be forfeited and consequently used. This is precisely what a sheriff from South Florida is after – to receive more than $1.2 million in assets that were seized after an investigation against an illegal gambling ring.

Four Men under Investigation for Allegedly Participating in Illegal Gambling Operation

Last week, the South Florida Sun Sentinel revealed that Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony is looking to receive some $1.22 million in assets obtained from an investigation against illegal gambling and money laundering operation. This total includes cash proceeds, 25 gold coins worth approximately $44,000, as well as nine poker chips worth $1,000 each. The sheriff asked a judge to allow his office to keep the funds seized during the investigation. If that is approved, the seized assets would be transferred into a trust fund which the Sheriff’s Office can then use to help the community.

Overall, four men are under investigation for allegedly participating in the illegal gambling operation. Allegedly, William Cascioli, of Broward as well as Martin Zarcadoolas, of Wellington were a part of the illegal gambling ring. The investigation was also launched against Todd Schettino, of Pembroke Pines as well as Harris Steinhart, of Coral Springs.

Although the investigation is ongoing, the men are yet to face charges. Broward County Sheriff Tony has already filed a forfeiture petition on August 23. The petition received approval by a judge in Broward this November but is currently under appeal.

Police Finds $200,000 Shipped in Yahtzee Board Games

The investigation against Cascioli dates back to December 2018. Back then, the Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip that Cascioli participated in an illegal gambling and money laundering operation in South Florida. In the petition filed by the sheriff, it was explained that the illegal gambling operation collected sports bets and consisted of multiple members. Moreover, the petition stated that hundreds of thousands of dollars are received weekly by the illegal operation.

At the start of the investigation, police found that Cascioli picked an individual from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. After a while, he returned with the same individual who then departed minutes later. After the strange encounter, police officers followed Cascioli, who purchased two Yahtzee board games. Later that day, the two board games were sent by the suspect via FedEx. One of the packages was heading toward California, while the other was supposed to reach Texas.

Police sought that this was suspicious and upon opening the boxes they found more than $200,000 in cash. The proceeds were then seized. During the investigation, police searched the premises of the men, who are suspected to have participated in the illegal operation. Consequently, expensive jewelry, cash and more money from bank accounts were seized.

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