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Florida Committee on Regulated Industries to Review Gambling Bills

The Committee on Regulated Industries in Florida will review three gambling bills next week. In a memo sent to all Senators on Wednesday, Senate President Wilton Simpson said that gambling regulation should be reviewed and updated regularly.

Three Gambling Bills Head to the Committee on Regulated Industries

Florida is one of the many US states that carefully plans to expand gambling. Judging by a memo, dated April 7, sent by Senate President Wilton Simpson to all Senators, three gambling bills are moving forward. SPB 7076, SPB 7078, and SPB 7080 are a part of the agenda of the Committee on Regulated Industries on Monday next week.

SPB 7076 relates to Gaming Enforcement. The bill proposes the creation of a Gaming Control Commission in Florida within the Office of the Attorney General. Furthermore, the bill proposes the creation of a committee that will be in charge of compliance with gambling laws. The next bill, SPB 7078, is related to Public Records and Public Meetings Exemptions. The bill ensures that the Gaming Control Commission’s investigations are exempt from the public.

Last but not least, the third bill, SPB 7080 relates to requirements for pari-mutuel permit holders to conduct live racing or games. The bill revises the application requirements for an operating license for pari-mutuel wagering. Furthermore, the bill prohibits greyhound permit holders from conducting live racing. At the same time, the bill authorizes jai alai, harness horse racing, and quarter horse racing permit holders to choose not to conduct live racing or games. This means that certain permit holders no longer need to conduct live racing or games to keep their pari-mutuel facilities.

In his memo, Senator Simpson revealed that the current legislation does not include thoroughbred breeders, owners, trainers, and permit holders. Furthermore, he added that the bills do not address the expansion of gambling to include internet gaming or sports betting.

Gambling Regulation Should Be Updated Regularly

Senator Simpson stressed that the Senate has been working with Governor Ron DeSantis toward updating Florida’s compact with the Seminole Tribe. According to him, the ultimate goal is to strengthen the state’s relationship with the existing pari-mutuel operators.

Regulation of gaming and enforcement of laws against illegal gaming not only protects the public, but the integrity of the industry.

Senator Wilton Simpson

Furthermore, the Senator stressed that responsible regulation is “central to gaming”. He acknowledged that similar with other industries, regulation “should be reviewed and updated regularly“. Besides protecting the public, Senator Simpson said that the regulation of gaming and enforcement of laws against illegal gaming can also boost the integrity of the industry.


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