Fiona Davies Is Appointed as the New Head of Gaming at OCR Labs

CR Labs Global has officially appointed Fiona Davies as the company’s new head of gaming. Davies has over 15 years of working experience and will help OCR Labs improve the verification experience and thus, prevent fraud. 

Davies Was Fascinated With the Gambling Industry During ICE London

While commenting about her appointment, Davies noted that she got introduced to the gambling industry while attending ICE London, whose 2023 edition is already 85% booked. She stated that she was impressed with the growth of the vertical, as well as its complexity. 

Davies added that she’s delighted to help OCR Labs’ gambling division to grow and offer products that will better the user experience. 

Before joining OCR Labs, Davies worked at Acuris Risk Intelligence, where she was in charge of implementing the company’s gambling strategy.

Russ Cohn, OCR Labs’ general manager international, stated that the company is committed to bringing its technology to operators and users across the world. 

He also added that it ID verification process speeds the process of onboarding customers and with Davies, OCR Labs will elevate its efforts and leverage the company’s solution. Cohn ended by saying that OCR Labs is confident in her abilities and that there’s no doubt that she will help the team grow. 

OCR Labs Achieved Strong Level (IP3) In Australia in March 

Back in March, OCR Labs achieved one of its biggest milestones in history. The company became the first private organization to achieve Strong Level (IP3) in Australia. 

Under the Trusted Digital Entity Framework, Strong Level (IP3) is the level of any entity. The move from IP2 to IP3 allows OCR Labs to conduct independent testing for its Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. 

Additional checks, which ensure that the individual is active in society, are also included. Paul Warren-Tape, the company’s head of risk and compliance stated that the elevation from IP2 to IP3 happened in just a couple of months and that is “an exceptional milestone.” 

He also added that companies have an ethical responsibility and have to be transparent with their solutions. At the same time, they need to make sure that they preserve their customers’ privacy at any given moment. 

The boost to IP3 gives OCR Labs’ customers “trust and confidence” that the company maintains the highest level of security, as well as compliance, according to Warren-Tape. 

As a concluding note, Warren-Tape stated that he hopes that other industry regulators “consider the TDIF as best practice.” By doing so, Warren-Tape thinks that they can use technology for remote age and ID verification. 

Most recently, OCR Labs partnered with Bloom Money to help diaspora communities manage their money simply and transparently.

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