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FDJ Joins Forces with LGBT+ Group L’Autre Cercle to Promote Workplace Inclusion

The collaboration aims to support diversity and equality, raise awareness, promote understanding, and create a more inclusive work environment

The French operator joins other businesses in promoting Pride Month, demonstrating the company’s support for the community. FDJ’s efforts in fostering acceptance and understanding should highlight the company’s adherence to modern values and bolster its popularity through positive exposure. Guaranteeing a safe and inclusive workplace is vital in safeguarding employee well-being and should positively impact the company’s workflow.

FDJ Is Well-Known for Its Positive Impact Initiatives

La Française des Jeux (FDJ) is a preeminent French gambling and lottery operator, boasting a substantial reach and sway among the country’s gaming community. The partnership with leading French LGBT+ advocacy organization L’Autre Cercle aligns with the company’s progressive ideals as it joins other businesses worldwide in celebrating Pride Month.

FDJ expressed its intention to join L’Autre Cercle’s efforts to ensure businesses strengthen their diversity policies, allowing equal opportunities for disprivileged individuals. Chairwoman and CEO Stéphane Pallez reaffirmed the operator’s enduring support for such initiatives, vowing to promote awareness across all company levels. She lauded L’Autre Cercle’s efforts to respect and acceptance inside the workplace and out.

Signing the LGBT+ Commitment Charter, supported by L’Autre Cercle, illustrates our desire to go even further in the group’s commitment to the inclusion of all diversities.

Stéphane Pallez, FDJ chairwoman and CEO

The operator’s commitment to LGBT+ rights reflects its people-orientated stance. FDJ is a prime supporter of safe gambling, regularly investing in promotional campaigns to mitigate the negative social impact associated with the industry. The company hopes its efforts to support worthy causes will positively affect French society, helping suppress problems and underage gambling.

Inclusive Policies and Practices Remain Vital

FDJ recognizes that embracing diversity contributes to a more vibrant and dynamic work environment, enhancing creativity, innovation, and overall business success. To that end, the operator will ensure employees have access to a platform for open dialogue, education, and support, creating an environment where everyone can feel safe and empowered to be their authentic selves.

L’Autre Cercle employers’ division co-head Catherine Tripon lauded FDJ’s continued efforts and support, expressing hope that other high-profile businesses signing the organization’s charter would bring all parties involved long-term benefits. Tripon noted that employee well-being remained at the initiative’s core, hoping the movement would bring meaningful change.

The world of work must be a safe environment. It is essential that employees feel good there in order to avoid the risk of unequal treatment.

Catherine Tripon, L’Autre Cercle employers’ division co-head

The collaboration between FDJ and L’Autre Cercle extends beyond the workplace, aiming to drive broader social change and promote acceptance of the LGBT+ community. By leveraging their influence and resources, both organizations can contribute to dismantling stereotypes, challenging biases, and fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

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