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FBM Continues Its Global Gaming Expansion and Arrives in the Philippines

Global gaming brand FBM continues to expand globally with a new entry into the Philippines bringing both new games and gaming cabinets to the country.

FBM’s Slots Development Operation Reaches the Philippines

Founded in 2001, gaming market bingo and slot leader FBM is now entering the Dragon Club Casino Filipino Binondo in the Philippines in order to expand its global presence. The Easy$Link set of four games includes Catch the Gold, RacinGo – Wild, Underwater Riches and Kingdom Gems, which are now available to enjoy at Filipino Binondno thanks to 20 FBM Shadow cabinets delivered by FBM.

Commenting on the entry, FBM’s founder, Rui Francisco,has said that the company is thrilled to expand its presence in this specific game type in the Philippines, a market where excellent business relationships have already been forged over the course of 20 years with a vast network of industry partners.

“The debuts of the Easy$Link games pack and the Shadow cabinets in the Philippines are an important chapter of FBM expansion in the slots universe,” Francisco commented on the fresh launch.

FBM is already one of the gaming leaders in the Philippines, and specifically the video bingo segment, but the introduction of Easy$Link allows the firm to begin the mass-diversification of its portfolio. It’s a new opportunity for the brand after recently breaking-ground in Mexico.

The company debuted the Shadow cabinets in Mexico just last year, installing a number of video bingo terminals across some of the most prominent Mexican casinos and bingo halls, including Casino Circus, Red Casino, Casino Gran Palacio, and a number of other established properties.

Leading the Way in Brick-and-Mortar Slot and Bingo

The Easy$Link pack enables consumers to enjoy games with a progressive jackpot, giving them access to potentially bigger jackpots. Besides the Easy$Link set, this is the first time the Shadow pack has been introduced to a Filipino casino.

The games come with numerous gameplay-improving features, including Sticky Wild, Wild Multiplier, Best Symbols and Super Reels, which are all available part of the experience and promise rewarding gameplay. The surround sound system, sophisticated technology, advanced hardware and modern look provide players with the comfort they need to enjoy a unique and optimized entertainment.

At the moment, FBM is involved in updating its slot portfolio and consolidating its position as a bingo benchmark-setter. The company’s presence in the online marketplace has also increased over the past few years, with more than 30 different games, among them video bingo, slots and table games. FBM has grown its presence over the past 20 years to run in multiple essential markets, including Asia, Europe, and North America.

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