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Fast Track Appoints Jean-Luc Ferrière as Head of Compliance

Jean-Luc Ferrière shifts from Fast Track ambassador to chief compliance officer as the company continues to boost engagement for clients in iGaming.

Ferrière Steps in as Head of Compliance for Fast Track

Former Microgaming CCO Jean-Luc Ferrière is deepening his relationship with Fast Track, joining the company as a chief compliance officer in the company.

Moving away from his ambassadorship position he signed in October 2020, Ferrière will now bolster Fast Track’s compliance efforts and help the company achieve better player engagement while remaining in check with regulatory exigencies.

Ferrière is reinforcing an already strong portfolio of executives, with Fast Track CEO Simon Lidzén commending Ferrière’s contributions during his stint as an ambassador.

The time has come, though, for the veteran executive to step up his game. The last months have been about aligning and assessing whether the company can rely on Ferrière and if the relationship will prove a success.

According to Lidzén, Fast Track and Ferrière have common goals and vision for the future of the industry. As to Ferrière himself, he had no doubt from the start:

“The synergies were obvious from the first engagement with Simon and Chris, and I am thrilled to be able to put my passions and experiences to further use advising the business in this newly expanded capacity.”

-Fast Track CEO Simon Lidzén

Ferrière’s Vision Coincides with Fast Track’s Plans for Future

Ferrière is an industry insider with a firm grasp of compliance issues having worked 12 years at Microgaming. His main responsibilities as part of Microgaming’s team included product deployment, but he was promoted to a compliance officer in January 2018 at a time when the industry began experiencing significant upheavals in regulated markets.

While Fast Track’s main focus is on engagement, the similarities between new product launches and player acquisition are evident. With two years in operation, Fast Track is looking to become the go-to solution when it comes to improving results for iGaming companies

Fast Track attributes its success so far to its strong inter-departmental cooperation, which will lead the company to a future in which it helps client bolster their footprint in regulated markets. Fast Track is looking to improve engagement across numerous channels at the same time giving maximum value to its customers and has recently released the Fast Track Lifecycles solution to simplify the management process.

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