January 6, 2022 2 min read


FanDuel Teams up with Sports Gambling Guides to Boost Marketing

FanDuel has minted a new partnership, Sports Gambling Guides (SGG), focusing on a social media marketing agreement that will reach out to SGG’s 10 million sports fans across numerous social media channels. This includes Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms that aggregate the targeted audience.

Building Tailored Content Through Social Media 

“Sports Gambling Guides, LLC is proud to announce our continuing relationship with FanDuel in promoting their products to our millions of avid sports fans,” said Troy Paul, president at SGG.

Moving forward, SGG will list FanDuel in the company’s daily content pitches and rollouts, showcasing the strengths of the betting agency and adding value for the readers. SGG’s chief executive is confident that the partnership builds on a well-established change of trends in the way people consume sports.

“A generational shift is happening among sports fans across the major U.S. pro-leagues.”

SGG president Troy Paul

Paul is talking about the prevalence of Millenials and GenZ consumers who are interested and want to interact with sports content that is not just live games.

In this vein, Paul is confident that his company’s target audience is specific to those consumers who want more personalized content.

He cites the age group that SGG targets at anything between 21 and 40. These people get their sports updates through Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. Paul argues that social media marketing is the most cost-efficient way to reach the new generation of fans out there.

FanDuel already has 12 million registered users in the United States through its varied products. The opportunity to continue growing through SSG’s tailored and targeted content will give the betting agency another boost in the race of securing the biggest share of the ever-evolving gambling market.


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