January 4, 2022 3 min read


Fandom Sports Boosts Esports Presence with a Fully-Fledged Platform

Fandom Sports, a provider of betting solutions, is expanding in the highly promising space of esports betting. The company is looking to bolster its operational growth in 2022 and that envisages the addition of a new feature rollout all through the first quarter of the year, and beyond. Part of this is also the addition of a fully-fledged esports wagering platform that is now taking off, reinforcing the existing efforts the company drove in the vertical.

Big Developments for Fandom Sports in Esports and Beyond

As a Canadian tech company, Fandom Sports is well-poised to make a lot out of its new asset. Hitherto, Fandom Sports was mostly helping clients play and watch esports games, and bet on their results, but now this will include payment solutions along with other options that elevate the platform’s status as a whole.

Fandom Sports CEO and president David Vinokurov is excited at the opportunity to be launching a fully scaled platform that is still rooted in the company’s modular signature style. Vinokurov said:

“We are super excited to have completed our banking and payments integrations. Now that the first iteration of our modular wagering platform is live, the Company will be transitioning to an operating and revenue generation trajectory.”

Fandom Sports CEO and president David Vinokurov

Fandom Sports is not stopping there, as the platform is also allowing players to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – part of a growing interest in blockchain technology and how it can be successfully leveraged in esports. The betting platform is also available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Fandom Sports is also not limiting its array of services. The company will pursue the expansion of not just its esports product, but also the iGaming and sports verticals. The company’s prediction product is yet to be launched fully as well.

Hard Work and Consistency Is Rewarded

Vinokurov is optimistic about how Fandom Sports will be rolling out new products as well. He pointed out that the solution is being developed since 2020 and it has been tracked well over the years. He now plans to add a fan engagement solution as Fandom Sports’ offer continues to grow.

“Furthermore, with the steady flow of product rollouts and additional potential partnerships on the horizon, I’m confident that 2022 will be a transformational year for value creation and an even more fruitful one than this past year,” the executive added confidently.

Making a bet on the esports and sports market in Canada, and beyond, is definitely a smart thing to do. The country legalized single-event markets, which allowed other entities registered or listed there, including Lockbox and Rivalry to rapidly expand their offers. As excitement clearly motivates Fandom Sports, Vinokurov praised the team’s hard work over the past years.


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