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Fanatics Wants to Patent a New Sports Betting App

Sports retailer Fanatics seeks to expand its presence in sports betting by introducing a new sports betting app. This was announced by Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney for Gerben Perrott, who said the company has filed a patent application to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Fanatics Will Offer Sports Betting through BetFanatics

Fanatics will call its new app BetFanatics. As revealed by Gerben, the patent application describes the new service as a “downloadable betting application for betting and gaming; downloadable mobile application for use in fantasy sports leagues.”

BetFanatics will be a sports betting service that will be related to all traditional forms of sports betting. As attested by the filling, BetFanatics will “provide entertainment services in the nature of sports betting.” This includes casino facilities, online gaming services and organizing sports betting events.

Journalists from the sports betting-oriented news outlet Action Network contacted Ari Borod, Fanatics’ chief commercial officer, for comment. Borod reportedly told them to expect BetFanatics to leverage the Fanatics name in the branding.  

Fanatics Seeks to Become a Sports Betting Operator

Originally a sports merchandise brand, Fanatics has had an interest in sports betting for a while now. The first sign of the company’s intentions was when it hired the former FanDuel chief executive Matt King as CEO. Since then, the sports retailer has been keenly eyeing sports betting deals and acquisitions.

In August 2021, Fanatics applied for a license to operate sports betting in New York. Sadly, the company’s request was denied. In September, people predicted that Fanatics would foray into sports betting by purchasing a sportsbook. Many believed it would acquire Betsson or RSI. A month later, Fanatics applied for two more sports betting patents, namely Fanatics Sportsbook and Fanatics Casino.

In early April this year, experts claimed that Fanatics has inked a deal with Amelco. The rumors suggested that the sports apparel brand commissioned Amelco to build it a sportsbook. Although many believed this to be the case, Fanatics later said it is just a rumor.

Analysts have also noticed that Fanatics seems to be eyeing operating sports betting in California. The state is yet to legalize online sports betting but this may soon change. However, according to a recent bill, the regulator will bar unexperienced operators from offering mobile bets.

Because of this Fanatics may have some difficulties as it is yet to change its focus and become an operator. Despite that, the company’s executives are optimistic that Fanatics can become a leading sports betting brand within a decade.


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