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Facebook Gambling and Adult Ads Flood Vietnam

Facebook users from Vietnam complain that they are targeted by ads offering gambling, as well as adult content

There are currently strict gambling laws in effect in Vietnam. Aside from eight casinos available for foreign visitors, gambling activities are illegal and this has been the case for many years. Keeping in mind the strict regulation of gambling, advertising such activities is currently illegal. In addition, online gambling is also outlawed. Despite the tough regulation, a new report reveals that Facebook ads offering gambling services and adult content are targeting users in Vietnam.

Citing recent research, VnExpress revealed that 96% of the participants interviewed admitted that they have come across gambling ads, as well as other content deemed as “offensive” when scrolling on Facebook. On the other hand, 81% of the participants in the survey said that such advertisements were frequent.

Mai Thanh Phu, an online marketing expert claimed that the censorship system implemented by Facebook was ineffective. The expert explained that the system would analyze only the start of a live stream in order to approve it and not the whole live stream. This created a field for foul play as people would start live streaming, secure their approval and then change it to advertising gambling for example. “In the beginning, the live stream will not have any objectionable content. After Facebook approves the live stream and starts charging for the advertising, the fan page will become a gambling ad,” explained the online marketing expert.

Users Targeted by Facebook Ads with Gambling, Adult Content

One Facebook user named Hoang Quan, who works as an office clerk in Da Nang’s Thanh Khe District, explained that ads promoting gambling games are often seen on Facebook. The user noted that ads with women dressed provocatively can also be seen while browsing the social media or watching Reels.

According to Quan, at a specific time during the day, usually after 4 PM, ads about gambling start to appear. On the other hand, in the evening, ads that promote adult content featuring sexy models can be seen.

Another Facebook user, confirmed Quan’s story, saying that gambling and adult content ads appear constantly via the social media. That user deemed such content as “toxic” and explained that along with Facebook posts from friends, they see gambling ads. Moreover, he said that there are plenty of Facebook live streams that feature inappropriate content.


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