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Facebook Fantasy Games Gets the Social Platform into a New Market

Global social media giant Facebook will be exploring new territories through its new feature: Facebook Fantasy Games. It will launch in the United States and Canada through Facebook iOS and Android applications and will let users experience simpler versions of traditional fantasy sports games and prediction-based games associated with famous reality TV series. 

Facebook Explores Fantasy Games

Facebook has already set things in motion and is launching the first game of its new category – Pick & Play Sports. Pick & Play Sports is a prediction game that lets users guess the outcome of a big game, the MVP of the match, and other happenings and be rewarded points for being correct. 

However, the social media giant isn’t going to stop there. On the contrary, Facebook has a lot planned ahead and will be launching numerous other games in the weeks and months to follow. In the realm of sports, Facebook has planned MLB Home Run Picks and LaLiga Winning Streak, where players have to guess the outcome of games in the respective leagues. 

Not all of the upcoming fantasy games are based on sports. Some will follow popular reality shows. For example, Facebook will be implementing a Survivor fantasy game based on the popular series where a group of people has to live on a deserted island. Players of the fantasy game will take their picks to make a fantasy team of players. Another such game will follow after The Bachelorette series, where numerous suitors try to appeal to a single maiden’s heart.  

The games will have both a collaborative and a competitive aspect to appeal to users with various play styles. In both cases, the fantasy games will have a strong community aspect, regardless if a participant prefers to play with or against others. The best players will have their names carved in a leaderboard for the entire player base to see. 

Innovating to Stay Relevant

Facebook’s new fantasy games will be accessible through the bookmark menu on Facebook’s mobile application. Despite ruling over the social space for years, Facebook is currently facing formidable competition from other social platforms, most notably TikTok. As trends change, adding a variety of features that boost user engagement and appeal to numerous audiences is crucial in order to keep the social platform relevant. 

Gaming has been one of Facebook’s best picks for bettering its platform. It already has a whole section dedicated to gaming, cloud gaming, and streaming.


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