Eyas Gaming Secures CBI Solution by Crucial Compliance

Eyas Gaming is building up its responsibility and compliance presence in the iGaming industry by securing a new partnership with Crucial Compliance, which allows it to scale on existing operations while protecting customers. As a result, the company will enhance its established track record for sustainable player value and responsibility.

The deal involves the Crucial Business Intelligence (CBI) solution offered by Crucial Compliance and integrated into Eyas Gaming’s brands, including MerkurSlots.com and MerkurCasino.com.

The CBI is a powerful software suite that comes with several integrated modules, such as Single Customer View, Advanced Behavioral Segmentation, Predictive Modelling, and more. There are extensive KPI Reports that help brands adjust their strategies and meet delivery targets.

Eyas has integrated the CBI platform in stages, with the first one involving 18 initial and separate customer journeys and 40 planned, as the company’s product portfolio expands as well. The unit provides advanced guidance through essential metrics, such as Affordability Check Trajectory, which essentially helps Eyas boost its commitment to responsible gambling and deploy proven platforms that serve to protect customers.

Crucial Compliance Eliminates Barriers to Success

The Crucial Player Protection is touted as the best single system that an operator can leverage to boost its revenues while ensuring that no harm comes to players. Crucial Compliance COO Andy Masters was pleased with the extended partnership and said:

“It is the only platform that has been built from the ground up by iGaming professionals for the specific purpose of player management through automated behavioral processes and with a focus on sustainable revenues from players while keeping them in the “fun zone.”

Crucial Compliance COO Andy Masters

Crucial Compliance is also assisting Eyas to train the right experts who can make good full use of the software’s capabilities, thus allowing it to scale. Masters argues that the solutions provided by CBI are capable of drastically improving the overall CRM management capabilities.

Similarly, Eyas Gaming, head of financial planning and analysis Joe Goldstein, is confident that the companies’ partnership is the right step forward. According to Goldstein, Crucial Compliance helps companies overcome what he describes as “usual barriers to success.”

Crucial was there, Goldstein explained, to make sure that the integration went smoothly and that responsible gambling plays an essential part in communications. “We want new players, but critically we only want them playing within their means and across our entire product portfolio,” Goldstein stated.

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