Ex-LA City Council Member Who Was in Prison Receives Fine

Mitchell Englander, once a member of the Los Angeles City Council, representing District 12 in the San Fernando Valley, faced a criminal charge which led to a prison sentence a few years ago. A prime reason for the charge and consequent prison sentence was a trip to Las Vegas, which the former LA City Council member accepted. Now, a new chapter in the saga starts as the LA City Ethics Commission imposed a hefty fine for Englander.

Los Angeles Ethics Commission Imposes a Fine

On Wednesday this week, the Ethics Commission unveiled that Englander admitted to multiple breaches that include accepting excess gifts, failing to disclose received gifts, as well as “misusing a City position to create a private benefit for himself.” Due to those breaches, the Ethics Commission imposed $79,830.50 financial penalty against the former member of the Los Angeles City Council.

Today, the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission imposed a penalty of $79,830.50 against Mitchell Englander, a former member of the Los Angeles City Council, representing District 12 in the San Fernando Valley,

reads a statement released by the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission

Shedrick Davis, the former Ethics Commission president, commented by saying that the recent financial penalty imposed against Englander reminds the public that the Commission is prepared to punish any illegal behavior “at all levels of leadership.” What’s more, Davis praised the Commission’s staff for their dedication and professional approach when imposing the appropriate penalty for the former LA City Council member.

I want to commend the Ethics Commission staff for their excellent work on this case and for diligently pursuing an appropriately significant penalty against Mr. Englander.

Shedrick Davis, former president of the Ethics Commission

Mitchell Englander Pleaded Guilty to One Charge, Went to Prison

It was five years ago when Englander was still a City Council member when he went on a trip to Las Vegas. He reportedly accepted $10,000 in cash which was handed to him in an envelope, as well as a free hotel room and expensive alcohol, among other things. In an unfortunate turn of events, the trip to Vegas resulted in multiple criminal charges against the former City Council member. In the end, Englander pled guilty to a single criminal charge which resulted in a 14-month long prison sentence.

The purpose of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission is to ensure equitable, transparent and fair government by probing former and current City officials. If necessary, the Commission would also impose prohibitions, requirements or even fines against former or current City employees or officials.

Under the current City regulations, both officials and employees are prohibited from misusing their authority to create advantages for themselves or disadvantages for any organization or person. What’s more, City employees and officials are required to report receiving any gifts valued at $50 or more.

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