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Evoplay Remains Committed to Ukraine, Mounts Defenses against Russian Invasion

Evoplay, a leading iGaming development studio, has become the latest to oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine which has brought on grave distress on the attacked nation, displacing over 2.5 million people, and causing the biggest refugee crisis Europe has seen in modern history.

Evoplay to Hold Its Ground in Ukraine

Now, the company wants to make sure that contingency plans for its Ukrainian team members are in place. Evoplay has been struggling with the disruption of its regular operations due to the Russian invasion. When the hostilities began on February 24, Evoplay had a quick response and offered its staff to begin relocation to Cyprus, successfully evacuating 15% of its staff there.

The company moved on to open a new office in Lviv, a city close to the Polish border, which has come under fire in recent days because of Russian targeting of military bases. The shelling has already claimed human lives. Evoplay is still committed to Ukraine as its main place of doing business.

Evoplay though will provide team members looking to relocate to Cyprus the means to do so. The company staff has already committed to aiding the humanitarian relief effort with the western part of the country under pressure to take in all the people escaping the war in the east which is quickly spreading elsewhere.

Employees May Relocate and Evoplay Continues to Help

In the meantime, Evoplay will continue to carry on with a plan to establish its operations throughout the rest of Europe and expand its game development pace. Company CEO Ivan Kravchuk had this to say:

“We will channel every resource we have at our disposal into efforts to rehouse our Ukraine-based team members. Supporting the wider needs of Ukraine during such a dark time in our history is the least we could do, and we pledge to do everything we can to support humanitarian efforts on the ground as the situation develops. We thank all of our friends and partners for their kind words of support.”

Company CEO Ivan Kravchuk

Kravchuk is one of the many industry representatives in Ukraine that have chosen to stay and hold their ground. Affiliate companies, developers and casino suppliers have all come together to stand in the face of Russian aggression and continue to support their country financially, in-person through volunteer work, or even taking up arms. Evoplay will continue to contribute to the Ukrainian relief effort in any way it can. As Ukrainian companies have stayed in the country, many industry giants have left Russia, including Clarion Gaming (which refused to collaborate with entities from the country), Bet365, and Parimatch to name a few.


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