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Evolution Europe CCO Sjöberg Stepping Down After Garden Leave

Evolution Europe’s chief commercial officer, Björn Sjöberg, has announced that he will be leaving the position in the upcoming two weeks, following the conclusion of a six-month garden leave

Evolution Europe’s chief commercial officer, Björn Sjöberg, has ended his garden leave that extended over a period of six months, announcing he will step down from his current position in the next two weeks.

“Time Flies When You Work Hard!”

Sjöberg took it to his LinkedIn account to make the announcement. He started his statement by explaining “Time flies when you work hard,” referring to the eight years he spent alongside the company.

“This week marks my 8th anniversary employed by Evolution”, his statement read, “and in two weeks ends my 6 months Garden leave and official departure.”

Sjöberg joined the Malta-located company in February 2016 from the position of key account manager, and rapidly climbed higher in the rankings, becoming head of SME in October 2017.

Reminiscing about that time, the CCO said he felt “clueless about gaming and trying to understand a new industry with a broken English.”

Since then, by working “harder than most people claim they do,” as he described it, he reached an impressive number of achievements throughout the years. 

Just 10 months after landing the SME position, he was appointed head of key account management

He kept the role for roughly four-and-a-half years prior to becoming CCO Europe in October 2022, a position that he called his dream role “for the most successful company in the Gaming industry.”  

Sjöberg, who also held a number of account management positions for Helsingborg’s Galore Magazine and broadcaster for Kanal 5 and TV4-Gruppen, took the opportunity to speak about his “hands on” involvement in a large number of successful Live Casino stories

He explained his success through his ability to constantly push himself to deliver more while also acknowledging his numerous failures and capacity to get back up again and keep phishing himself forward. 

Special emphasis should be put on Sjöberg’s contribution to the launch of Top Card, which is Evolution Gaming’s flagship live football studio game available in 10 different versions and languages that continues to be one of its top-ranking titles across several studios and continents.

“Leaving Evolution Has Been Tough”

The CCO highlighted a list of the five most important people he has worked with and that he still considers friends today, including Erland Hellström, “solid as a rock and great friend,” Daria Woźna, “just a great person,” Renee Lansing, who performed “something magical,” Stuart Eagle, who he considers a “better salesperson” than he is, and Sebastian Johannisson Mählqvist, his “main influencer over the years.”

Sjöberg added that “leaving Evolution has been tough” but explained that, since his garden leave began in September 2023, he enjoyed a much-needed break together with his family, further adding he was in no rush to decide what to do next in his career.

In December, Evolution introduced its Crazy Time Live casino game in New Jersey.

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