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EveryMatrix’s DeepCI Rebrands to PartnerMatrix Intelligence

The new brand identity will align PartnerMatrix Intelligence with the EveryMatrix family and reflect its integration into the wider PartnerMatrix platform

EveryMatrix announced that its DeepCI global affiliate intelligence platform has rebranded to PartnerMatrix Intelligence. Now boasting a new identity, the subsidiary will continue its quest to create an all-in-one affiliate management and data tracking powerhouse.

EveryMatrix originally acquired DeepCI a year ago, aiming to offer a superior customer experience through the latter company’s data-driven capabilities. The new brand identity will also align PartnerMatrix Intelligence with the EveryMatrix family and reflect its integration into the wider PartnerMatrix platform.

The rebranded company will pair advanced data tracking and analysis capabilities with leading affiliate and agent management systems. Thanks to this, it will be able to provide its affiliate and operator customers with a robust all-in-one solution.

Partners will now be able to access PartnerMatrix Intelligence’s offerings through EveryMatrix’s PartnerMatrix platform or as a standalone option. According to the announcement, DeepCI’s co-founder Lewis Civin will become chief product officer for PartnerMatrix and will work under PartnerMatrix’s CEO, Vahe Khalatyan.

PartnerMatrix, for context, is described as iGaming’s “most comprehensive affiliate and agent management multi-brand system.” It offers real-time data that enables its affiliate partners to create, manage, track and analyze their programs from a single, easy-to-use location.

PartnerMatrix is experiencing steady growth, recording an increase of over 135% in traffic in 2023/24. Revenues in 2023, on the other hand, rose by 175% year-on-year in 2023.

The Logical Continuation of PartnerMatrix’s Ambition

PartnerMatrix’s CEO Khalatyan commented on the integration of PartnerMatrix Intelligence into the wider PartnerMatrix platform, calling it the “logical continuation” of the company’s mission to provide customers with an all-in-one affiliate solution.

Now, equipped with a powerful data analytics and optimization tool accessed via PartnerMatrix, our customers can take their brands to even higher levels, managing, tracking and analyzing all their activities, their competitors and key trends across millions of data points empowering them to make instant decisions to drive further efficiencies and maximize revenues.

Vahe Khalatyan, CEO, PartnerMatrix

CPO Civin also commented on the matter, saying that DeepCI, now PartnerMatrix Intelligence, has firmly solidified its position as a must-have data management tool for affiliates.

Today we’re officially joining forces with the most powerful affiliate management platform on the market in PartnerMatrix so we can now uniquely present brands and affiliates with all the financial data they need plus the ‘why,’ pinpointing the precise pages anywhere in the world that bring brands the most first-time depositors.

Lewis Civin, CPO, PartnerMatrix

Civin concluded that PartnerMatrix Intelligence is sure to provide partners with access to every traffic insight that matters, allowing them to make instant informed decisions. According to Civin, no other company provides quite the same solutions.


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