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Everi to Roll Out Contactless Wallet by the End of 2020

A new contactless wallet solution will be released by Everi in Q4 2020. The solution called CashClub Wallet will provide cash and cashless options for users at gaming and non-gaming venues.  

CashClub Wallet by Everi Will Be Live in Q4 2020

The gaming industry leader Everi Holding Inc has announced a plan to roll out a contactless solution that will be revealed by the end of the year. The solution called CashClub Wallet will be live in Q4 2020. CashClub Wallet is a fully cashless integrated mobile solution available for players and casinos. By now, Everi has not revealed on which markets the solution will be rolled out, or which operators will be using it. Earlier this year the spread of the respiratory disease COVID-19 increased the interest of the casino industry in contactless solutions. But this type of solution was discussed by the management at Everi since last year.

Everi Chief Executive Officer Michael Rumbolz commented on the subject by saying that the near-term expectation is for players to still choose from the existing cash access solution which the company offers. Rumbolz said that in the long-run the “adoption of cashless and contactless funding solutions will grow”. According to him, the users will see the value and comfort of using contactless solutions at gaming and non-gaming venues. Rumbolz did not miss to say that besides the value for users, the cashless option will also create new revenue opportunities for both Everi and its partners.

Insight on Everi’s New Cashless Solution

According to Everi’s statement, the new cashless solution will enhance the guest experience by allowing players to access both cash and cashless funds “when they want, how they want, and where they want“. Players who use the new solution will be able to store multiple payment methods. Furthermore, those players will move their funds with ease into and out of the electronic gaming machines (“EGMs”) on the casino floors which integrated Everi’s solution.

Another feature of the new solution is that users will be able to use it for non-casino transactions. In other words, users will be able to complete cashless transactions for hotel reservations, retail but also a sportsbook and online gaming platforms. It is up to the users’ choice to either keep their funds in the wallet or cash them out via an ATM. Moreover, users can deposit their funds back to their card or bank account with ease.

Cashless Solutions – Inseparable Part of the Future of the Gaming Industry

But here is what Darren Simmons, Executive Vice President, and FinTech Business Leader said about the new solution: “Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the interest from our casino customers for cashless and contactless player funding technologies has greatly accelerated.” Here it is important to mention that FinTech is the segment of Everi which provides solutions directly to gaming establishments. Simmons added that the new solution comes at a time when casino players seek fewer interactions with casino employees

The American Gaming Association (AGA) also showed approval for the new contactless solution. AGA CEO, Bill Miller commented on the subject last week: “I’m excited about Everi’s announcement.” According to Miller, currently betting with cash and casino chips is obsolete given the demographics of people who visit casinos. He concluded by saying that the gaming industry is moving forward and taking the necessary steps.

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