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EvenBet Gaming Introduces Game Constructor Tool to Empower Operators

EvenBet Gaming has introduced its Game Constructor tool, a feature that is designed to tailor the final gaming product developed by the company and that empowers operators to ensure that their own portfolios remain competitive while delivering the same core experience.

EvenBet Empowers Operators and Lets Them Customize Games

In other words, Game Constructor is a tool that lets operators alter the experience for any of the 30+ poker games developed by the company. This way, each brand can adjust some of the metrics that they know players will enjoy more or have specifically sought after.

Operators will effectively be able to tweak the number of players in each game, the number of cards dealt in table games, for example, the lowest and highest cards in the deck, and adjust whether the discarded cards are visible for example.

Operators can offer variations of the core poker experience and enjoy even more worthwhile options that are designed specifically for them. There are numerous ways to customize the experience by bringing Crazy Omaha, Nude Omaha, and Omaha 7 Sheet Pre-Flop. Operators will have the final say in what games they want to introduce to players and adjust them as per feedback.

Players Get the Products They Have Always Wanted

They can even leverage the Game Constructor to create titles that are adjusted to community requests or votes. Commenting on this tool, EvenBet Gaming CEO Dmitry Starostenkov said:

We’re incredibly excited to launch this new tool. Game Constructor increases an operator’s freedom in creating a unique offering significantly and their ability to stand out not with bonus size, but with creative mechanics that increase engagement and brand value.

EvenBet Gaming CEO Dmitry Starostenkov

EvenBet is correct to be focusing on more customization options, as players are increasingly expecting bespoke solutions across the board. Starostenkov said that EvenBet Gaming ultimately wanted to see operators use the tool to act upon the knowledge they have gathered and leveraged it back to create experiences that players appreciate.


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