January 5, 2023 3 min read

EstrelaBet Is the New Official Sponsor of Brazilian Football Team América-FC

Brazilian football team América-FC announced EstrelaBet as its new primary sponsor for the 2023 and 2024 seasons

The partnership between América and EstrelaBet is the biggest sponsorship deal in the team’s history. The agreement will be of great value to both parties. It will significantly bolster the club’s coffers while boosting brand recognition and driving engagement for EstrelaBet as the sportsbook consolidates its position in Brazil.

EstrelaBet Gains Access to a Dedicated Fanbase

Boasting more than 1 million daily users, EstrelaBet is one of Brazil’s fastest-growing sports betting operators. With a team of over 160 employees, the company claims to focus on a customer-centric approach, which is paying dividends. The most recent deal with América-FC marks a substantial milestone in the sportsbook’s efforts to foster growth and attract new users.

Head of sponsorships at EstrelaBet, Rafael Zanette, noted that the agreement greatly benefited both parties and praised América’s recent growth. The club will participate in continental competition for the second year in a row, attracting many new fans and garnering increased media attention. Such perks are undoubtedly part of why EstrelaBet chose América in particular.

In 2022, (América) reached the group stage of the Libertadores. This year, it has the Copa Sudamericana ahead. It’s important for us to be together and be part of a joint evolution.

Rafael Zanette, EstrelaBet head of sponsorships

In addition to the new agreement with América, EstrelaBet sponsors several other high-profile teams like Sports Club Internacional, Villa Nova AC, the Brazilian Futsal and Beach Soccer teams, and MMA fighter Fabrício Werdum. These significant investments are vital in securing a lasting mindshare and will aid EstrelaBet in its mission to become the leading sports betting operator developed by Brazilians in the country.

The Club Aims High in the Coming Year

As part of the sponsorship deal with América, EstrelaBet’s logo will take a prominent place on the club’s uniforms, extending to the women’s and junior teams. The sportsbook envisions extensive social media campaigns and brand exposure initiatives targeting fans. América announced the sponsorship via its social networks, sharing some interactive elements featuring its mascot, Coelhão.

The extra cash will be instrumental in driving the club’s ambitions. América-FC president Marcus Salum stated that the agreement would help elevate the club to a new level in the national scene, bolstering it substantially ahead of the prestigious 2023 Copa Sudamericana. He celebrated another strong partnership, regarding it as another vital milestone in the club’s climb to greatness.

We are working hard to consolidate América at a new level, and the arrival of EstrelaBet is another step in this direction.

Marcus Salum, América-FC president

Salum added that the team’s rising prominence led to increased responsibilities and a greater reliance on maintaining a stellar level of professionalism. Attracting a high-profile sponsor like EstrelaBet creates more obligations as the team needs to meet its commitments. However, maintaining a higher standard is beneficial in the long run, as it fosters respectability and integrity.

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