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Esports Technologies to Open a New Office in Malta

Leading esports-oriented betting tech provider Esports Technologies has announced it will be opening a new European office. Located in Malta, the company’s new office will be fully equipped and ready to conquer the European market.

A Part of the Team Will Move to the New Workplace

Esports Technologies team members will start working from the new office as soon as it opens on November 15. The new office will be equipped with everything needed for flawlessly operating the company’s business. It will have an open floor plan with breakout spaces for individual work or work in small teams. The office will also have a dedicated boardroom, a kitchen and a bar, a resting area equipped with gaming consoles. Everything will be decorated with esports-related imagery, giving the workplace a modern look. Lastly, employees will have easy access to the picturesque Balluta Bay.

Opening a new office is crucial to Esports Technologies’ current plans to expand the company’s presence in the Western European esports betting market. The betting tech provider will target markets in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Malta is the perfect hub for Esports Technologies’ plans for expansion as it has established itself as a hub of technology and esports. Its strategic location will likely benefit the company and its endeavors. Much of the current Esports Technologies team will move to the new office from where it will oversee the company’s operations. The team in Malta will collaborate with the one in Dublin and the two will coordinate their approach to the European market.

Expanding on the Profitable European Market

Esports Technologies’ chief executive officer, Aaron Speach, spoke about the company’s intentions to double down on its efforts in Europe. He mentioned that the “steep growth trajectory” of esports engagement in Europe is something his company closely follows. The esports betting market is expected to follow this tendency and see tremendous growth. With the forecast being as it is, Speach believes Europe will open up many new opportunities for Esports Technologies. Speech explained:

“With its educated and talented workforce, strong tech infrastructure, and business-friendly environment, Malta offers the ideal location for us to create new opportunities across Europe. We look forward to providing a work setting designed to foster meaningful collaboration, increase productivity and spark creativity.”

Esports Technologies has seen consistent growth in Europe which it will use as leverage to reach even more European markets. The continent has approximately 92 million esports fans, according to statistics, making it extremely fertile soil for Esports Technologies’ offerings.

As a part of its efforts to distinguish itself, Esports Technologies recently partnered with iGaming solutions provider Aspire Global and later acquired its B2B business.


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