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Esports Technologies and Incentive Games to Work on F2P Esports Games

Esports Technologies and Incentive Games have minted a new partnership that will allow the latter to develop a number of customizable free-to-play games aimed at driving better engagement and customer retention. The alliance is predicated on a software license and service agreement that will see tailor-made games come to Esports Technologies’ product offering and create memorable and worthwhile options for players who enjoy gaming.

Esports Technology Adds F2P Games

Incentive Games is known for its wide range of products that are based on the sports vertical, but the company is also exploring alternative themes and business opportunities in casino and esports markets. Incentive Games’ objective is simple, and it focuses on creating unique products that can help partner brands monetize existing customers but also acquire and retain new ones.

Incentive Games has some 21 games, with the bulk of them, some 14, being completely free-to-play and created to demonstrate the power of a product rather than seeking immediate monetization. The partnership with Esports Technologies is built on the same premise. Commenting on this opportunity, Incentive Games CEO John Gordon said:

This is a flagship moment for us and also for Esports Technologies. We have chosen what we feel is the best esports focused company for us to enter the vertical. We are taking what we have learned with traditional sports and casino free-to-play games and adapting new products specifically for esports.

Incentive Games CEO John Gordon

Gordon was confident that the partnership would enable Esports Technologies to connect better with its target audiences and achieve better performance benchmarks across the board. While Incentive Games is only getting started with esports, Gordon believes the company has learned valuable lessons in the sports verticals that will now allow it to thrive in competitive video gaming.

He didn’t miss to praise the powerful data-driven algorithms used by Incentive Games which will enable Esports Technologies to fulfill its long-term goals for the industry. The free-to-play games Incentive Games will be working on will focus on popular titles, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In fact, this will be the first F2P game to expect.

Incentive Games to Help Boost Retention and Engagement

Further releases will include other popular and betting-friendly esports titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and games that will either be based on Valorant or similar fantasy shooters. There is no shortage of potential esports titles that can be turned into free-to-play betting games that will provide consumers with better options.

Esports Technologies director of loyalty & retention Michael Barden said that Incentive Games was a recognized developer and one that the company was looking forward to working with. “We have immediate access to Incentive’s library of game mechanics, which we can apply to the esports vertical, and we will be jointly developing custom free-to-play games that are authentic to our rapidly evolving gamer audience,” Barden said.


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