Esports Integrity Commission Adds Relog Media as Member

The Serbia-based esports organization, Relog became the latest Esports Integrity Commission member. By joining ESIC, the company aims at strengthening fair play and ensuring sports integrity during events.

Relog Becomes the Latest ESIC Member

The esports media company, Relog became the latest member of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC). Announced on Friday this week, as a member of ESIC, Relog would be incorporating the ESIC’s integrity standards and codes. Furthermore, the Serbia-based esports organization would demonstrate a pledge to strengthening fair play and sports integrity during its events.

Founded in 2019, Relog Media is a Serbian esports organization with a goal is to create gaming and lifestyle experiences for its fans. The company has organized multiple competitions and tournaments over the last year. Furthermore, Relog has plans for multiple events this year, such as the SnowSweetSnow cups for both CS:GO and DOTA2.

Relog’s Commitment Reaffirms Its Esports Integrity Dedication

In a statement, Milutin Pecic, CEO of Relog Media, said that the organization has been working toward raising the integrity standard to match leaders like ESL & Dreamhack. Furthermore, Pecic added that through its collaboration with ESIC, Relog was able to achieve that integrity standard. As a result, Relog can continue its collaboration with teams and organizing events while at the same time ensuring the highest quality of integrity for the teams and viewers.

Relog Media’s commitment to ESIC is indicative of their dedication to maintain integrity in their esports operations.

Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner

ESIC’s Commissioner, Ian Smith also shared his excitement by saying that the Commission is pleased to have Relog as its latest member. Furthermore, he said that the Commission is looking forward to collaborating with Relog on the integration of ESIC’s integrity program which will result in promoting “the continual harmonization of competitive integrity efforts in esports“. In conclusion, Smith said that Relog’s commitment clearly outlines their dedication to maintain the integrity of their esports operations.

Earlier this week, the Commission added another member to its network. The sports data provider, SportsModule, and its subsidiary tournament organizer, 247 Leagues joined ESIC as members on Wednesday.

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