July 18, 2023 2 min read


ESPN Introduces New Fantasy Football Marketing Campaign

ESPN is doubling down on sports and sports betting with a new marketing campaign for the company’s fantasy football solutions

The media is gearing up for the launch of the 2023 National Football League (NFL) season which is due in early September and will be accompanied by ESPN’s signature fantasy selections.

Fantasy Football Again One of the Focuses for ESPN

To help raise awareness for this solution, the company is also rolling out its marketing campaign with “Only in Fantasy. Only on ESPN” gathering momentum on social media and across other channels.

In the adverts that feature various actors, the characters are put in slightly unorthodox and comical situations, but they reason about them logically as they would about Fantasy Football, and eventually get themselves out.

Each of the adverts runs for around 15-30 seconds and is created to actively engage with fantasy sports communities and help them relate. ESPN VP of brand marketing Seth Ader welcomed this opportunity and said:

In this campaign, we remind fans to continue playing ESPN Fantasy Football because it is the ultimate equalizer between people and can help get you out of awkward situations.

ESPN VP of brand marketing Seth Ader

Ader said that he was excited to see this new product roll out and offer millions of fantasy football fans an opportunity to come better prepared for the upcoming season. The new spot will run from July 17 through September 10, and coincide with the first games in the league.

Meanwhile, sports fans will be able to join either the ESPN Fantasy Football public or private leagues. Interest in fantasy football has not subsided over the past years, even though traditional sports betting is now clearly the more relevant of the two.

Recently, ESPN has decided to lay off 20 on-air personalities, as the company is restructuring its on-air talent in the midst of surging demand for sports betting coverage.


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