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ESIC Confirms Additional Investigation into Heroic

ESIC will carry out an additional investigation into Heroic, the team whose head coach, HUNDEN, was suspended from CS:GO for two years by the watchdog recently.

HUNDEN Claims of Player Complacency Stir ESIC into Action

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has launched an additional investigation into new evidence that touches upon the use of a “spectator bug” during professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional matches involving Heroic players.

Previously, ESIC handed down a two-year suspension to the team head coach, Nicolai “HUNDEN Petersen, but new evidence now suggests that Heroic’s players were aware and complicit with the use of the bug, as reported by Dexerto and stated by the coach himself.

While ESIC revealed the new investigation on Monday, the outlet stipulates that it was HUNDEN himself who informed the watchdog about Heroic players’ potential involvement in the matter.

HUNDEN said that some of the participants were aware of his use of the spectator bug which he now formally acknowledges doing. Originally, HUNDEN claimed that he had used the bug without the knowledge of his teammates, but he has changed his statement in his latest allegations provided to ESIC.

ESIC confirmed that it would take the matter seriously despite the fact HUNDEN has altered his original statement. HUNDEN brought up his claims to light just hours before receiving his two-year ban from professional gaming.

HUNDEN Changed His Original Statement

He gave an interview for Danish media outlet TV2 in which he spoke about his involvement in the case and confirming his teammates’ suspected knowledge of the abusive practice. Asked why he had decided to change his story, HUNDEN simply replied:  “I realized that there is nothing called Counter-Strike for me after this.”

TV2 backed HUNDEN’s statement by providing various pieces of evidence, including a conversation between Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen who was playing for Heroic at the time, and HUNDEN.

The outlet also provided a server log that suggests that HUDEN was assisted by another Heroic member to use the exploit. Heroic has not issued a comment as the team is headed for the ESL Pro League playoffs.

When HUNDEN interview with TV2 came Heroic CEO Joachim Haraldsen vehemently denied all claims and argued that ESIC had thoroughly investigated the issue and concluded that HUDEN was the sole party to claim.

Haraldsen said that HUNDEN changing his statement was only motivated by the anticipated ban that ESIC ultimately handed down to the coach. “I am convinced that ESIC and the rest of the world will see this for what it is: Nicolai Petersen failed his teammates by cheating, he failed them by sharing confidential and sensitive information with a major competitor, and he is now failing them a third time by trying to blame them for his actions,” Haraldsen statement read.

Haraldsen’s statement is hurtful in many ways as it disparages HUNDEN even though the coach did act in the team’s best interest, regardless of the means. ESIC has provided no further comment other than it’s looking into the matter and will provide a ruling when it has evidence. The matter is developing.


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