August 10, 2023 3 min read

likes: Unveils Innovative New Product Ahead of CFB and NFL Seasons

The trailblazing AI and machine learning software company in the sports betting industry made a significant stride by launching its latest product suite’s newest exciting addition- the Same-Game Parlay (SGP) product for football enthusiasts promises to revolutionize how bettors engage with their favorite teams, providing a personalized and customizable experience. The company hopes to capitalize on the excitement of the upcoming college football (CFB) and NFL seasons, leveraging its resources to secure a niche in the highly competitive betting industry.

The Newest Offering Holds Significant Potential

Powered by’s cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology, the SGP product provides a user-friendly interface that enables operators to offer a wide range of customizable parlay options. This new software strongly emphasizes personalization, allowing bettors to create unique parlay bets tailored to their preferences and insights. 

Football fans will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the game’s intricacies, combining various betting elements to create their own tailored wagers. co-founder and president Jason Angelides noted that the upcoming CFB and NFL seasons represented the perfect launch opportunity, allowing fans to bet for their favorite teams on their terms.

Football season is one of the most exciting times in the sports betting industry, and the rise in prop bets and same-game-parlays has added a whole new dynamic to any given Sunday.

Jason Angelides, co-founder and president

Epoxy’s operator partners should soon implement the supplier’s newest product suite, giving players time to familiarize themselves with the new system before the season launch. The initial offering arrives as a pre-packaged parlay with additional micro-segments generated based on player behavior and activity. Users can further customize these offerings, giving them unparalleled freedom.

Epoxy Aims for Rapid Expansion

As the college football and NFL seasons approach, the Same-Game Parlay product is poised to captivate football enthusiasts and bettors with its unique and customizable features. Epoxy’s newest product is the culmination of its team’s hard work, dedication, and understanding of bettor preferences. The company’s recent partnership with betPARX will provide much-needed flexibility in a highly competitive and very costly market.

If Epoxy’s SGP product performs as expected and excels within its niche, the company can utilize the resulting momentum and aim for rapid expansion. A new multi-million-dollar investment round by Andover Ventures and SeventySix Capital should provide Epoxy with the needed capital to pursue aggressive growth and new strategic partnerships.

The approaching CFB and NFL seasons mean all eyes are on and its game-changing Same-Game Parlay offering. The product represents a significant milestone in the sports betting world, and its success could spur another wave of innovation as it redefines how football fans and bettors engage with the sport. 

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